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Earliest memory?

What is the first thing you remember?

My strongest and earliest memory. I would never have children. I knew that was not my path in life. My aborted fetuses will thank me some day. I was one messed up human being. I'm grateful that I did not inflict my pain onto a child.
the sunshine coming into where apparrently i lay in an enamel white railed crib ...must have been on my tummy because i remember the sun's rays on the linoleum floor and the pattern ,

patty jr.. if that is you're first memory did you ever think it might have been transferred to you by your mom and you've been living her life (jr) size et al?
having been placed upon the bench seat of an unused pickup truck on the family farm being stung by two wasps that were clinging to each other
almost drawning in a huge hole filled with water.
i must have been 3, it was covered with straw, and i couldn't see that there was water beneath, i was running to greet some friends who were coming to visit. the thing i remember most is being embarassed about it and shivering with fever for the next few days.
I remember looking up, (from what must have been my baby carriage), at lofty cedar branches swaying in the wind. My mother's voice was singing "down will come baby, cradle and all..." I felt the precursor of concern...a seed of concern, the beginning of a forest of anxiety. Stanley Park 1953. About one year old.
Walking with Mommy.
You won't believe this, but I remember teething. Those who claim to know say it's painful for the baby. Not for me. It was an immensly annoying unscratchable internal itch. Fleeting relief was achieved by biting things.
Chris said...

At kindergarden (around 4/3 y/o) yeah..not such a good memory
Playing with my older brother in my crib. We were wearing raincoats.
I think I was about 4 years old. I was riding my tricycle in the kitchen. I had a pair of underware on the had a big hole in the seat. The floor had gray tile on it. I took a dump and idt landed on the floor. I proceeded to ride off gleefully. A job well done.
tengo varias pero la que mas me gusta es estar yo con mi carrito formula y mis pies en los pedales listo para despegar solo que mi madre no me tiro falda abajo por miedo a que yo me callera ubiese sido mejor si ella me ubiera preguntado si keria bajar esa falda y ponerme un casco!!! :P
Gatorade used to come in glass containers. My earliest memory is of trying to pour myself some, and accidently dropping the container against the floor. I don't remember anything about the house I dropped it in except that we used to live there.
Getting a giant bear. It dwarfed me, towering nearly three feet tall, and the smell of it's polyurethane innards prickled my infant nose. It had coarse hair, and my dog was breathing on the back of my head as I sat and cried at the sight of it.
The first thing I remember is the last thing I did.
the bars of my crib.....painted light blue. and the iron fireplace. also painted light blue. i was standing up and wanted out. much like today......*/*
Two people playing with two large metal disks and a ball.
My mom rocking me in the rocking chair, I was about one or two at least.
Being impressed with my parents' ability to make the spoon hit their mouth every time... and the realization that If they could do it, I would be able to learn it too.
At almost 13 months of age, I distinctly remember standing between my Mom, who was driving, and my grandmother who was in the passenger seat, when a shockwave of sadness, and fear washed over us. I remember my Mom gasping in horror....

It was the news of the Kennedy Assassination.
I was very young, probably barely walking, and my parents kept trying to put a cowboy hat on me while strange people were visiting, but I kept taking it off.
Lying on the living room floor on a blanket in the sun. I cried out and some one bigger then me came into the room (they could see me anyways). I was on my stomach, and I don't know if I could crawl or walk, but I think I was too young for that yet. As to the story of my first steps that is another story for a different time...
I remember getting a puppy. What it looked like. Funny thing is we got the puppy a week after my Father died, I do not remember him or his death, but someone dropped off a flea bitten, wet with snow, cold puppy at the front door and my Mom holding him in a towel drying him off. I was 4 years old.I am now much much older over 55 years have passed and I can still see that puppy in my mind.I still wish I would have remembered my Dad.
I have quite a few very vivid memories from when I was about 2 or 3, but I couldn't tell you which came first. The most dramatic was when my father came home from Viet Nam. We went to pick him up at the airport and I was scared of him when I saw him. I could only remember him from photographs, and this real man standing there was a stranger to me. He had grown a moustache, and didn't even look like the pictures. That night when I should have been sleeping, I was crying in my bed. My mother heard me, and came to see what was the matter. I don't remember telling her why I was crying, but I must have, because she carried me into her their bedroom...and showed me that my father (now sleeping) had shaved off his moustache. I tried to pretend that it made a difference, but it didn't.
Being in my crib in the room I shared with my big sister. My other earliest memory is sliding down the hill in our backyard on a piece of cardboard. I don't know which one of those memories is earlier but I was probably about 3 years old.
I remember my mothers hospital room when I right after I was born. It was kind of drity green over looking a river. I remember the color and the river, but that is about it
My earliest memory was when I was 4 years old and my mom was pregnant with my brother.
I remember hoping it would be a boy because I thought he would grow up faster than me and I would have a "big" brother!!
Well, mom DID have a boy but he didn't grow faster than me.
I remember my grandmother sitting in a chair, comforting me as I stood next to her, with my head pressed against her knee, crying as if my heart would break. My mother and sister were leaving on a train and I couldn't go with them.

Forty-some-odd years later, I told my grandmother about this memory an she told me they were going to Dallas to see my dad and I was about 18 months old.
Sucking on my mothers breast and wondering why she didn't know that I wasn't getting anything out of it.
I was exactly 1 year and 24 days old when standing in between my Mother, who was driving, and my Grandmother, I remember a shockwave of fear and anguish wash over me, Mom gasped, "Oh My God!" All of this was only a split second in time for me - The news that John F. Kennedy was shot.
I do not know which came first... Being trapped under my Grandmothers porch, looking into the hole that was her furnace, Playing in the pool that the rain created in a depression in her lawn... I was upset when she had it filled...
My earliest memory was when I was 3 years old. My parents had left me in the care of my grandmother and aunt. My aunt had taken me to a neighbor's house for a swim in their kiddy pool. The pool's water was littered with grass clippings. The neighbor son a rather portly child pushed me underwater and sat on head. I tried to breath and took water into my lungs, I believed I was dying. To this day I still have a fear of choking to death.
This is a tricky thing. Stories, situations, & events heard during young childhood can be visualized by the child & feel to be real memories later.
I have many "memories" very early on, but I also do not know for certain that they are actual memories or contrived by imagination from things heard.
As well as I can tell, "memories" before age four are debatable. This applies to me only, not to you.
looking up at the ceiling and see the bars of my crib at night time and some lighting left in a hall from a door outside
On the colossal step of my oldest house durring the middle of the night listening to my parents argue about something and thinking "how?". Earliest I think I have.
Sliding down some stairs on my butt. Not a very profound first memory or anything, but, still.
My earliest memory with certainty was late in the evening at twilight, getting my tricycle stuck in sand & gravel & loudly exclaiming "S--T". Although I was only four, my mother promptly spanked me & put me to bed.

It probably occurred to that either she or my grandfather almost certainly taught me the word, but to no avail because she was sitting with neighbors & they heard it to.

It taught me an essential lesson. If you ever get your tricycle stuck, exclaim your choice of language in a very low tone.
climbing out of my crib at the age of 1 1/2 and falling to the floor.
memory of kindergarden
I have a pre-birth memory of being in a gray-white area. I was pure thought. I was alone but felt compartmentalized and so I was not sure if anyone else/anything else existed outside of my compartment. I was waiting for birth. I was not willing to be born but I knew I was going to be forced into being born. While waiting I knew who I would be when I was born, and where I would live. While I was "waiting" it wasn't as if time was passing. There was no time.
I was about 2 and my Grandma was yelling at me for putting a mercurochrome bottle in my mouth.
I was born in early July 1949. It was on a cool morning about the end of October 1949 and I was barely able to sit up. I was sitting on the large lounge and my father came into the room and said "She's too old for that" and pulled my dummy out of my mouth and threw it in the fire and was blazing in the grate to my right. I began to scream.
(it's perfectly dated too!)
i'm running around in the backyard in continuous circles until i'm dizzy, then i ask my grandmother (who's been watching me all this time) "how old am i?"
"you're 3" she says laughing
i nod and go back to running around
I have several memories that have to have been at about age 2.
1.The first was my uncle in uniform posing for pictures at our house just before going to Vietnam. I know I was 2 at the time because of the dates that he was in the war.
2. I remember a dream about a tiger in our house and I could save myself by climbing onto the couch.
3.I remember my mother changing my diaper and asking me to please start going to the bathroom so I could start wearing "big boy underwear".
4.I remember eating in a highchair.
man landing on moon.
Dear Diary:

Day 1, Still tired from the move.

(Thank you to comedian Stephen Wright)
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