Sunday, April 30, 2006


A greater punishment?

God says, "Which do you consider a greater punishment? Every time you cough, someone within a fifty-mile radius from where you now stand will die -- or every time you laugh, someone at random on Earth will die."

This is a trick question. That premise is valid only if you consider death a punishment.

Death is not a punishment. Death is a release from worldly pain. Envy the dead. Their pain is over.

Pity the living. Pity those who laugh, or cough. Hope for random events to come your way.
Punished with a curse...

I would hope that one would choose the former and keep him or herself 50 miles away from anyone. Unless he or she plans on never laughing again. An existence in isolation or without laughter. It's a catch-22, almost. One in isolation may no longer have anything to laugh about. So what's the worse punishment? I think I'd have to go with the laugh. It's cruelly ironic.
I guess I think the greatest punishment would be not to cough because not only are some coughs involuntary, but (this may be selfish!) a fifty mile radius would put people around you at a greater risk:)). And a person can go without laughing even though that would be a major bummer.
Hmm if God kills other people to punish me he sounds like a shitty god, and I don't worship shitty gods.
Considering I laugh way more than I cough, I'd likely choose the former.
On man. Some body wasted a lot of money on this guys education.
considering theres a person dying every two or three seconds on this planet, that may as well be exactly the type of hidden bullshit that is in fact transpiring.

Maybe we should all stop coughing and laughing long enough to let everyone escape unscathed, almost, for a while.
All I can think of is how much of a dilemma this would be for a pothead...

*cough cough*

*giggle giggle*

Surprisingly this sounds exactly like the frivolous gambling trickster G-d, intimate of lucky Job, G-d of the Bible. My advice, don't answer. Any answer will have really bad results.
god does not said that!! if he did HE IS A PUNK!!
I guess I might have the last laugh, because if someone actually died because I had laughed, I would probably say, laughingly, "you got to be kidding me," and, and as a result, another person would die, until I was the last person left laughing. In the end, God's punishment would have been self-inflicted, because she would have set us -- and herself --on the path to extinction -- for God (or Gods') raison d'etre is inextricably tied to continued existence of her believers.
Not by fire or water, but by chortling...
My hope is that
each time I post
Some stupidity somewhere
dies into realization
PUT SOMETHING NEW. You haven't posted here for over a week!!
I would tell God, "Listen, obviously you've been on the job too long and now you expect me to entertain you. Fine! But - under one condition - ask a fun question for a change, will ya'?"
Every time you blink someone anonymous is born
Every time I laugh, but only if I was told by god that it was going to happen before I did.
I laugh much more than a cough in a given year. And I can always move to Alaska to mitigate the consequences of coughing. The math is simple.

This sounds suspiciously like the same god who allowed Satan to kill lots of people just to test Job's faith.
Laughter is the greater punishment.
I could learn to stay healthy and find an isolated area to live my last days out (assuming coughing is part of they dying process...)
coughing would be the greater punishment and death closer to you. laughter good never be in a category of punishment.
laughter it will be. because I'd always want to laugh and enjoy our lifes and I couldn't do that knowing I just killed someone. So therefore, I better not ever be sick so I won't have to cough.
i would think that everytime you coughed someone would die in a fifty mile radius would be the greater punishment. patty jr. is mistaken in her premise that death is not a punishment, it isnt a punishment for the person who is doing the dieng but it is a punishment for the person who is doing the coughing and knowing that everytime they do it someone they might know and love might die, also eventualy you weould have a 50 mile radius of death around yourself. also everytime you laugh someone around the wolrd is dieng any way. plus it is a pleasure to laugh and not much of a pleasure to cough.
I'd consider either one of those a pretty harsh punishment. I wonder what I'd have to do to merit it. I guess I think the second one would be worse. I wouldn't be able to bear the idea that my joy would be the cause of someone else's pain. And the first one has a nice loophole.... go 51 miles away from anyone, cough once, you're dead.
Simple-To cough would be the greater punishment. How do keep from coughing? I could stop laughing & can always laugh on the inside.
I'd choose coughing. I couldn't bear not laughing. Then again that ability could be turned into a weapon of mass some comedies and watch them in Washington D.C. or the city of your choice.
I choose the first. And every time I need to cough, I'll just sit, squat, or lie down.
I would answer God this way-"Which is the greater punishment?, That I choose & you make it happen Or that I & a lot of other people belived in you in the first place?"
they would both be equal punishments . I would be the punished, because I would have to cast myself away to some desert isle. The loneliness would be unbearable
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