Sunday, April 23, 2006


Sights or sounds?

Forced to choose between your sight and hearing, which would you rather keep, and why?

Sound, because it would be easier than learning sign language, I generally prefer music over paintings, and I wouldn't get distracted when meditating, because I wouldn't see anything. Plus, if I lost my hearing I would never get out of bed because my alarm wouldn't help.
it would have to be my sight that i would keep, as my sense of physical security (especially outside) would diminish further if i lost that.

interesting question though, thanks.
Sound, because of Bach.
I would keep my sense of sound, because my imagination can fill in the images for me, but I'm not sure I could handle never hearing music or the voices of my loved ones ever again. It's a close call though. What happens when I start to forget what familiar things and people look like? Loss of either would be tragic, I think.
Under what circumstances would such an either/or proposition be forcibly administered? Collections for a group of criminally vindictive underworld surgeons? "Your cochlear canals or your pupils, punk!"
I think most people have one sense that dominates their perception of the world. You can tell by their use of language:

How does that sound to you?
That looks pretty good!
That doesn't feel quite right.
You rub me the wrong way.

For me, it's the sound of the world that gives me the best perception of my surroundings.
I would choose to keep my sight. My ears are indiscrimate, they hear too much. My eyes, however, have the ability, at times, to see what is not there and, most of the time, what is.
It would depend on who or what was forcing me to make such a rash choice and on where they were keeping me while they forced me.
because i like them both !
I would choose to keep my sight because I would think it easier to function deaf than blind.
And then I would slowly come to regret it. it.
i must keep my sight. i love music and the sound of my children breathing and wind in the trees. but i need to see the soccer ball and the eyes of everyone.....they say so much more that thier words can ever convey.
Depends on the stimulus. At its worst, seeing. At it's best, sound.
I would keep my sight because I wouldn't want to be left in the dark.
Sigh, what a choice. Can I say "it depends"?

If the internet is denied us, and if radio is still available, I'd choose hearing; otherwise, sight.

Ultimately, it would be ideal to be able to shut either off at will, providing you can turn it back on at will, too!
i would rather keep my sight, it would be a different question if you asked wich would you rather not been born with, if you lost your sight it would be a harder adjustment in your life than if you lost your hearing. if you lost hearing you would still be able to speak and understand lip reading alot easier.
my sight
I'd keep sight. I can live without music and I'm not really fond of loud noises. Although I would miss listening to the radio.
I'd rather keep my hearing.

For several reasons...

Losing my hearing would also mean losing a great part of my ability to communicate. While I could learn sign language, I wouldn't like to ask others in my life to learn another language just so they can speak with me. I'd never be able to speak to someone in my native tongue. And I'd never be able to have a conversation in the dark.

My sight is already rather poor, and I wouldn't want to put all my eggs into THAT basket.

I think I could adjust to life without sight, especially if I had the benefit of a well trained dog.

But the main reason is this... I can close my eyes and imagine how life would be without sight, but life without sound is unknown to me, and therefore more frightening.
Having spent many years in Japan where I was instantly illiterate and I could neither read nor speak the language. I found I depended upon my reading body language to understand peoples attitudes. Sight is our most important asset. I truly enjoy listening to music but I require my sight to work from home on the computer....
When I was younger I would have chosen to keep my sight, there is just so much to see in this world.
Now that I am in my 50's, I would keep my hearing.
I would give up watching myself age!
I would keep my sight. To me, living without sight would be hell. I work on a computer for a living and I do needlework for pleasure. Without work and pleasure is there really a reason to exist?
Easy-sight. Music & conversation is great & I would certainly miss it, but to lose sight would cage me for the rest of my life.
I would much rather be free & able to travel & "see" everything around me, especially loved ones.
Sound would, as mentioned, be missed but silence is not all bad. Total darkness is very, very bad.
I would keep sight for so many reasons I couldn't list them in a day.

It is beyond my imagination to think of why I would choose hearing.
sound -for one i have a hard time hearing anyhow(too much loud music when i was young) secondly,sight for me is like sound (seeing a waterfall -i can feel the sound of it by seeing the flow of the water has it rushes down the river with its white caps. i can feel the roar of the of the waterfall as it hits the rocks and river below.) besides without my sight i might fall into the river and be washed away
i would gladly give up my hearing so long as my bloody tinnitus went aswell.god i miss the silence
Everyone who claimed they'd give up their eyesight and keep their hearing is full of crap. Beethoven, Bach & Brahms be damned. It's not even a close decision, and they know it. The senses are not equal. Sight trumps hearing.
I'd keep my eyes. I love to read and watch things. Sounds are okay, but most sounds these days are people talking, and most people are full of crap any way.
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