Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ultralineamentum: Longest Line in America

Would you like to take a journey with us along the Ultralineamentum -- the longest line in America? Do you like the concept?

Has this gnomic projecticus sumthin "why-to" for the hitherto arcane "other" functions on my Tissot wristache? And whats with this route jibing my refulgent peregrinations?

'Twould be interesting to use visualsunchart software in conjunction with some reliable old astrology software for determining cosmic particulars relevant to serendipitously chosen terrestrial coordinates
With the time and means, sounds like a great adventure. I'd do it.
Maybe. Can we stop at Stucky's?
on the edges of sleep I have glimpsed the route- I would be happier walking from jupiter to ocean creek
Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?
I would never plan a trip around longest, widest,deepest, highest or any other definition like that.

It could be plain boring. Trips are special & planning should be special for your interest.

My trips usually look like circular hen-scratching. Pick a circle & take in everything along the way.
Hah! Depends on who was comming!
Sounds like a great idea and it could become as iconic as route 66, being Norwegian i might be persuaded to walk the same distance at some time for the fundracing possebileties souch an endevor could generate for charety, but it needs planning...

yes i like the idea a lot, i realy do!
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