Monday, April 17, 2006


Utopian vision?

What would be the top three elements of your own version of paradise?

Earth , Wind and Fire
In many ways, Rita, paradise is a state of mind. So the main component would be to encourage a sense of "bliss" in the brain that is somewhat independent of what is going on in my environment.
"So the main component would be to encourage a sense of "bliss" in the brain that is somewhat independent of what is going on in my environment."

Have you considered some kind of opiate?
'Utopia' and 'paradise' are two different things.

For a national ‘utopia’: a eugenic policy, a well engineered conlang, and a statolatrous religion.

For a hedonistic ‘paradise’:a harem full of beautiful women, blue skies, and an absence of worries.
Opportunity to do things I never could in "real life", access to the Truth
The genetic cure for death, the ability to control our brains through technology, and self maintaining robots powered by solar energy redirected from a satellite.
Every human is capable of making and following through on the tough decisions. This includes truth telling, and self acceptance.

Greed is gone. Need for power is no longer a human desire.

Realization and acceptance that every human is different.
1) It would happen now

2) It would be entirely real

3) All my friends would be there

Hey... wait a minute!
I'm there!
Sex, drugs , and that order.
1) A deli called Cheeses of Nazareth
2) A really warm bowge
3) Lotsa naps
Mujeres, Musica, Comida!!!! yeahh baby Y SI SE PUEDE UN POKITO DE MARIGUANITA :p
unconditional love for the self. high art and high technology.
A high noon revelation of God;
the death of sin and death;
the face of Jesus-- with a smile on it.
The removal of a sense of time without removing peace+ the universe as it is without changing but - food and all the functions of the body that require it.
I must be able to have good sustenance, to make beautiful things, and to share these experiences with close friends of like character.
Abundance for all.
people would acutaly like each other not actually have to love one another i love my children always but i dont always like them, liking each other would be the top one and then having everyone have something meaningful to do, not just working all the time but something meaningful to the individual person. to have everyone be fed food that was so nutritional that it would maintain the correct body mass for that individual and be very tasty. those would be my 3 things. once you solve those 3 other things would follow.
Well I actually wrote a utopian sketch a couple years ago in university as an assignment. So it's hard for me to just pick 3 things I would want. I am planning on entering it in the next Utopian World Championship SOC. So I guess you'll all have to wait until then to read it and see what I think.
Elimination of all crime.
Lasting peace.
Elimination of all illnesses.
Elimination of all crime.
Lasting peace.
Elimination of all illnesses.
1- No unconditional love. That kind of love from anyone must be earned.
2- Everyone would know & understand themselves as much as possible.
3- Total personal freedom & liberty
as long as it does not infringe on
others rights & rules.
Willing women, satisfying challenges, and a Jacuzzi
Absence of organized religion
Absence of illness
Absence of male ego
Great creativity

Perfect health

Golden Retriever puppies
Mass telepathy, challenging things to do and accomplish, and other beings who, like myself, know how to live in peace. With these things, even living in/on a virtual hell would be wonderful beyond words. Pain, hardship, and everything else can be enjoyed when you have something to do and someone to do it with.
soulmate,drugs,no government
to anonymous at 4:38;

so what, the FEmale ego is okay-dokey?? have you BEEN around my sig. other lately?? i've been looking for the blow-gun applicator for her hrt...


ps--yer a sexist wack-job.
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