Wednesday, May 17, 2006



If you could choose the place and manner of your death, where and what would it be?

In my bed, of old age.
it would be nowhere; it would be nothing
enfolded within luxury's apex; of decadent exhaustion
I would love to be shrunk down to the size of an ant, and then swallowed whole by a beautiful woman.
Sudden, messy and grand.
I'll have to consider the rest of the details - but it would have to be early on a monday.
We all have that power to some extent now. To use it would be suicide.

If our options were unlimited and we could choose to live to be 100 and then die of sexual ecstasy in the Taj Mahal, it would be suicide nonetheless.

Oh, what the hell, put me down for the second part.
it would be everywhere while trascending.
like alex said......sleeping, dreaming of running blindingly fast.
Explosives. Public place. When I'm done enjoying life.
in a one man spaceship plunging towards the event horizon of a black hole with a large supply of good music and lots of room to dance around. so i could be singing "everlong" as my final seconds stretch to the end of eons
In my bed very old (yet somehow pregnant) while having an orgasm with my husband of a great many years.
conscious of the moment, hopefully not too bloody or traumatic for those who are left behind.
I would want to die in my sleep without pain after I'm married and had kids, when I'm old and not before my husband.
The place/circumstances: In my bed, during winter, after drifting to sleep to the sound of rain, bundled safely and warmly under my soft covers.

Manner: Extreme old age.
I would like to die peacefully in a natural setting such as the forest. Why let all the creepy crawlies have exclusive rights to my decomposing body, at least my body would be used for something good like feeding animals.
peacefully, quietly, sitting outside in the sun on a spring morning stroking a white cat and listening to the sounds of the leaves and birds chirping.
I want to be an old man, of course, and have it take place during the day in the summer while I'm in my living room or den. I want the windows to be open and a breeze blowing in while I heard kids playing outside.
You said if we could choose, not that we must choose. Does that mean we have the option of not choosing at all? That's the one I'd take: surprise me. While it's tempting to pick a nice, painless method of dying, by naming the time you run the risk of choosing the exact wrong moment for the end of your life. What if you pick a day, not knowing that the very next day you would have had a brilliant and revolutionary idea that would benefit all of mankind, enrich your family, and immortalize your name? Now that would bite.
im not really worried about it. The only thing i dont want is a painful death. Other than that i dont reallly care. Life is too short to worry about such things. Its going to happen to everyone. When and how is not important, just as long as we enjoy the life that we are living until the end.
Standing before a dart board with a half drank Guinness on the table beside me. I shoot my final dart into in the final leg of a championship match and the dart lands successfully in its proper destination for the win. Then, that is when, at that moment.

John Hicks
In between Galaxys, my frozen body drifting for a billion+ years.
not to steal anything from monty python or anything but being chased by a thoused naked beautiful untill I die from exaustion wouldent be that bad
In my bed, of old age, while reading a book. It would be a really enthralling book. I'd finish a chapter, doze off and never wake up.
After a long and fulfilling life, I would knock myself out painlessly before throwing myself into a hot dog company's meat grinder. I would release the video tape in my will one year later.
15 minutes after I paint the most beautiful picture ever painted in human history.

Of course at the rate I'm going that means immortality
Some appropriately obscure place, such as Barstow, Calif.
same here- in my sleep. Very old, once I've had a chance to love my babies and grandbabies. And I want to be in my hubbie's arms.
To die raising the worlds consciousness...or at least a substantial portion of it.
At the instant of orgasm with my 25 year old mistress at the age of 1,000 of a massive heart attack.
The top of the Empire State Building fighting a Super-Villan.
Gracefuly lowered into a crevase (crack in a glacier). The crevase would then seal up entombing me in ice.

I've pulled a guy out of a freezing creek (glacier run off) we had been daring ourselves as to who could stay in longer. He forgot to leave and by the time I returned to pull him out he didn't want to. Freezing to death, so long as it happens quickly isn't unpleasant after the initial chill.
Surfing...HUGE wave... sudden. Even if the impact doesn't just cream me, folks say drowning isn't bad after the first wet gasp.
Hooked up to IV drip of dilaudid lying in the sun at the beach.
Where & what doesn't matter, just doing something worthwhile so that it means something to somebody.
In my bed of old age
After climbing a mountain, lying down on the top in the middle of a wind storm and being consumed by my own madness. Burning like a star...
In view of the whole world, for a cause I believe in.
Attacking a Cylon base ship in a fighter alongside Starbuck.

(Kara, not the 70's one)
I want to die with the Sun.
I wanna die in my sleep just like my granddad did, and not kicking and screaming like his passengers in the back seat did.
In Northern Wales, I think of it often, well, not nearly so much now. But in a cottage - one room. With a fire,a kettle of tea, and rain, lots and lots of rain. And bit by bit, ever so slowly, I get colder and colder, but its not uncomfortable, and greener and greener, and the cottage fades, and the darkness rises, and it deeps raining, and keeps getting greener. and then peace.
Soon, very soon, suddenly and quickly like with a heartattack. I'm tired of life and have nothing to look forward to except to continue watching my dreams crumble excruciatingly before me. It turns out my wounds are much bigger than my talents and they have succeeded in deliciously demolishing them like a holiday banquet. The wounds expand as they lick their ugly chops and rub their swollen abdomens, burping to make room for more of what could have been my happy, meaningful, fullfilled life.
I really want to be suffocated by having a pretty girl sitting on my face full weight
I would be free falling from a plane with no parachute while simultaneous orgasming and rocking my favorite music. And somehow i would be saving the world by doing this. Also i would be strapped with several hundred pounds of explosives and fireworks that would mark the end of my life with the proverbial BANG
oh yea also i would be incredibly high on all sorts of miscellaneous drugs
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