Friday, June 02, 2006


Favorite food?

(1) What's your favorite food? (2) What's your favorite Chinese food?

My favorite food is mangoes and my favorite Chinese food is COMMUNISM
hi,i love your blog!!
(1) Pizza - a decent thin crust margherita with anchovies or black olives (or both) added. Washed down with a full-bodied red.

(2) Chinese food doesn't really do it for me.
Eye candy & shrimp fried rice @ Hao Wei!
“Stinky Tofu” -- Take a brine made with shrimp, vegetables and salt, ferment for months, soak a block of tofu in it for several hours, and you have a dish renowned for its pungent odor. Stinky tofu (also known by its Chinese name, Chou Dofu) is one of those foods that it’s impossible to feel neutral about - people either love or hate it.
Chickpeas. Indian food please.
Trance food

and Hooflungpoo

really though, being Chinese (50%), doesn't that make anything edible "Chinese Food?" At least for me. More importantly, those sticky rice things wrapped up in tea leaves are the shiiiiiiiiiiz
Fav food is chocolate. It's an entire food group, like sugar to "the fly". Fav chinese food? That's harder.
My answer to both questions could be summed up as "yes".

To be more specific, the only things I don't eat are green peppers the way my mother used to cook them, slimey and bitter, and eggs which are less than vulcanized.

Right now I'm actually eating more Southeast Asian food rather than Chinese. Thai, Lao, and Hmong. Tom Kha Gai would top any list.
favorite food? starchy. bread or pasta. and tons of fruit.

favorite chinese? doesn't inspire me much, usually i try to trick my taste by choosing thai ingredients.
(1)My favorite food is chicken Fettucini Alfredo, pasta, and pizza.

(2)My favorite chinese food is sweet and sour chicken.
General Tso's Chicken for both questions.
1. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

2. Fried rice, chicken or beef (which probably isn't considered to be real Chinese food).

Well to be honest with you , I really like cottage cheese and tomatoes this time of year , like the home made tomatoes you know . Then with the Chinese . Something really mushroomy, and crab ragoons . Nice blog btw !
Lobster with butter and lemon; to limit it to one, hmmmm, watermelon or cantaloupe in Summers, or cheese any time.

Favorite Chinese is potstickers (mostly for the sauce).
Well okay around this time of year I like tomatoes and cottage cheese, the home grown tomatoes you know . But I really love chicken noodle soup, homemade or Cambelles any day of the week . But in Chinese, I love anything mushroomy or the crab ragoons . Oh and btw, nice blog !
Oh and also, nice site .
Sorry I didn't read the quote at the top didn't know about all the approvalness . I spose you'll read this too right ?
My favorite food is catfish. When I was a child my dad had six catfish ponds. Once we helped him 'net' some fish. Two of my sisters and I on one side of the net and dad on the other. We didn't live there long but I love catfish.
Favorite food is anything that I don't have to cook.
1. Pizza

2. General Tso's Chicken (It's a lot better than Colonel Sander's chicken, IMHO.)
Hi! To me, it's a tie between chocolate and ice cream. MMMmmmmm!
Favorite Chinese food would be pork chow mein.
I am not real fond of Chinese food though.
My favorite food - white chocolate. My favorite Chinese food ... Sweet and Sour Pork ... except in truth ... Sweet and Sour Pork is not Chinese food.
I love lamb fries. My favorite chinese food is cat meat!
My favorite food is chocolate, hands down, although living in the north has me seriously homesick for southern food.

I've never been a big fan of Chinese food, but when pressed I usually order vegetable fried rice.
Chocolate is my favorite. (so much I told dh I want to move to Hershey, PA!) lol.

Favorite Chinese is probably pork lo mein. Yum.
Turkey with all the trimmings. mmmm

Cashew chicken, fried rice, and sweet and sour sauce
lobster tail, by far.
Lobster tail is by far the most delicious food.
My favorite food is grilled- allmost anything grilled.
Chinese is not my thing. I will never understand the popularity of Chinese in this country. That food could only come from a country where people are used to starving over long periods- which they are.
My favorite food is Mexican although home fried chicken, mashed potatoes with white gravy, & corn on the cob is hard to beat.

"Favorite Chinese" is an oxymoron.
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