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Love in the e-mail age?

Do you believe that e-love is possible and meaningful? In other words, can you truly love someone romantically that you've never met and with whom you've communicated only through e-mail and related communications? (Perhaps this will actually become more common over the next decade with the rise of virtual lives and electronic communications.)

I thnik it may be possible, but very hard. Electronic communication is at best, supplemental to a real relationship. Online, everything that is said can be edited, and reactions are often different to those you would experience face to face. It would take extremely honest people on both sides for true love to have a chance of developing.
love is often based upon an ideal construct of a human being that is imaginative in nature. e-love is a remote vision shaped with minimal contact with a real person. imaginative constructs would become the basis of the relationship. it can be done but is it really love?
yes its possible. sometimes its easier to say the things you truely feel...when you are alone, without actually speaking...typing your thoughts out on a computer can be very cathartic. for me, i am better able to access my feelings, when i am writing them down, than if i try to speak and sputter along. but hey, thats me.
All love is based on lies, that's why people evolved to laugh. E-love is simply a natural progression of the will to self-interest.
without ever seeing the person? well, there could be infatuation, but love? highly unlikely.
Yes, it's definantly possible because I know of people who have had a long distance relationship through the internet and were successful. It would definantly be difficult but it is possible.
I just wanted to say "Hi".
I listened to the show on "Coast to coast" last night at work.

Love would be highly unlikely, althougha person could fall in love with what they create in there own imagination. I agree that it could only be "Supplemental" at best, as stated by another here.
Yes,of course, because they partly exist only in our minds and we never see their real faults. They are partly a dream which we will make of our imagination. We can go there anytime and talk to them without real true interaction and connection.
I think there are many levels of love. An internet friendship can evolve into a loving relationship.
Love is an emotion that has no limitations.
Absolutely. Internet relationships have obstacles, but they're the very same obstacles that "real life" relationships have. People lie on the internet...people lie face to face. People create ideal constructs on the internet, they do the same face to face. The old saying that you find love when you're not looking for it is true because we're more likely to be ourselves when we're not trying to impress someone and convince them to love us. Love can be found anywhere providing you're being honest about who you are and being honest with yourself about who you meet. Having said that, I think eventually you have to be in the same place, or you're doomed to fail in love. Human nature allows us to fall in love without a physical relationship, but not to maintain love under those circumstances.
Love is definitely possible through e-mail. I have a dear, dear friend whom I've never met but communicated with for over 10 years via e-mail. He knows me better than anyone. We have never so much as mentioned the word love, but I love him and I know he loves me.
Love is a feeling which I suggest you will not find in any amount of words. You can perhaps find the spark of love through e-love but only when you meet that person face to face, soul to soul will you know if it is the real thing.
It is possible to start a love relationship over the internet, however, a true romantic love, beyond an ideal fantasy you formulate in your head, requires a physical presence. It is only after we experience the others faults, annoyances, smells, sights and touch that a true and lasting love develops. We must experience the intimacy of physical presence to develop the bond that will last through time. It is possible to come to love who someone is and to develop a deep and lasting afffection for them through the internet, but not, in my opinion, true, romantic love.
I KNOW it's possible !!!!!!!!! I did it lol. My e-boyfriend and I have been happily married going on 2 years. Of course we took the time to get to know each other in real time lol. Whats really odd is when he sets up his laptop and we are talking on yahoo, 3 feet apart rofl .
About Email love? I, myself recently
had someone visit me.
Though it was pleasent we had conflicting time scheduals but it can be possible only if both emailer are
absolutely honest online about each
other. Any falsehoods, lies, or tall tale(s) will ruin any chance of...

could be turn true E-love.
That's my opinion.
I think that if something develops via e-mail, it isn't really love as I know it.
It would be totally intangible & that is not true humanism.
Let's see. Possible & meaningful.

Possible, yes, but a fantasy.

Meaningful, no, unless the only love you are interested in is distant, conjured, with no commitment.
It is surprising to some that people are meeting this way and forming lasting relationships but not to me. My parents met by mail correspondence during the Vietnam war and they are still married today. I think this is very similar. This way may work better for older people or those who value personality factors over standards of physical attractiveness. If you look someone over on the net and can, in a glance determine that you have very much in common, I say go for it.
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