Friday, July 14, 2006


Fiction versus nonfiction?

Generally speaking, which gives you more pleasure: reading fiction or reading nonfiction?

I prefer nonfiction, because I find that more educational. Nonfiction has a better chance of making me a fuller person and to understand the world.
Are you kidding? When you look back at history, all we remember are the great books of fiction. Hardly anyone recalls a book from years ago that isn't fiction. Think: Moby Dick, Shakespeare.... Fiction is superior in every way.
After Roland Barthes declared the "Death of Authorship", can anything be thought of as non-fiction? Furthermore, isn't there more possibility and variety in fiction than non-fiction, meaning that quantity (Number of readers) isn't a good indicator of worth? I'll be interested to read arguments for the 2 mediums.
if one is so inclined the division between fiction and non-fiction, the supposed real, can be blurred or be seen to not exist as a nessecary barrier. emotional investment is one way, the possibility of pantheistic solipsism is another.
I love to read realistic fiction! And at the end...I want it to be real! LoL
There's no such thing as nonfiction.
Non-fiction is easily my favorite.
For pleasure? Always fiction. Real life can be interesting, sure, but it doesn't usually come in three acts with a well defined protagonist and a centralized theme. Fiction wins on aesthetic grounds.
If you're talking merely about getting enjoyment out of reading, then it's fiction all the way. I read nonfiction to be educated (which can also be fun) but I read fiction for entertainment.
It depends upon why I am reading. I do research for my company thus read non fiction every day. If I have a topic I want to explore for my pesonal growth I read non fiction but if i just want to relax and spend some quiet time I love a good fiction story. As long as it has a plot that does contain a tan buffed up male and a wealthy beautiful woman.. who fall in love but are forbidden to ever see each other again. gag. me
non-fiction has always been my first love!
ALL words are fiction.
Whoever said "There's no such thing as nonfiction" is being silly.
most definitely fiction...there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a day getting lost in a great story.
I like reading conspericies. I think they would be a mixture
of fact and fiction.
"Whoever said "There's no such thing as nonfiction" is being silly."

The feeling's mutual.
Why is there a picture of a Japanese woman, an eyeball and the words "Mobius Strip" on this post? I'm just saying...
The reason fiction is so enjoyable is that we know it's fiction. We don't have to decide whether to believe it or not. Non-fiction, on the other hand, causes us to constantly weigh the truth or falsity of what we're reading - and truth is a very fine line.
I read much more non-fiction than I do fiction, simply because learning is very enjoyable and extremely practical (a lot of the time). I don't mind fiction, however it is difficult for me to get pulled into a novel. Perhaps I'm reading the wrong stuff.
When it comes to non-fiction, the plot must be in place with all the elements of a captivating story otherwise it is not worth reading or having been written in the first place. Of course, I am speaking of works outside of an educational context. Fiction offers a world where the real is made up; an escape. The fictional plot can be manipulated to offer the most entertainment value. They both have their place and are superior depending on the content received.
I find this very difficult. The longer I thought about it the more I felt it was like trying to choose between two daughters.
I find they are both essential. A loss of either would be such great losses.

My reading of any kind is almost always determined by mood.

When I check my bookshelves I find mostly non-fiction- history, biography, the arts.

But that does not under-cut the value of fiction. I would not know how to choose.
There are facts but there's fiction ahoof!
The new recombinant genre FACTION LEAVES IT TO YOU for example: Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy at Google Video!
Fiction I say, take me away...
Most non fiction contains some elements of speculation, belief and personal opinion. Most fiction contains elements of historic, sociological or speculative truth. Poetry, not mentioned, contains all of the above with the advantage of compaction, rhythm, and the music of language or assonance. If fiction is the oyster and nonfiction the shell then poetry is the pearl.
theres no such thing as nonfiction.
why should we care about fiction or non-fiction, whereas there are many people who could not read just enjoy yor reading guys!!!!!!
I am trying to remember who said something like "Read nonfiction to get the facts and fiction to get the truth." Could someone tell me who it was because I believe this to be the case. - Atenra
There's no such thing as fiction.
Fiction has the same ability to teach and show truths as non-fiction, and i would even argue that it can do it better. These days people are too caught up with "real" life stories...just look at the examples of memoirs that have been published to great success but then later found to be fictional. It's sad, but I think, generally speaking, people would have been less likely to read these books had they said "A Novel" on the cover.
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