Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hidden secrets

Are any of these secrets strangely reminiscent of an experience you've had?

Well, the God exists one is similar.
Yes, many of those secrets seem familiar to me.
the one i like the most is: I root for the hurricanes to win, I dont know why
Yes but it is a secret (smile)
Ahh...the Vatican....
:-) i like reading them, and follow that blog quite often. it is just sad that instead of talking to a friend someone needs to call the helpline or write a card. and no, i don't relate to these particular posts. when this whole thing started, and there was very little publicity, the cards made more sense, they were more honest. what i read now about masturbating - well,who cares where you did it dude? and do you think you're the first one to do it in vatican? sensationalism that it is not.
I have a secret. I graduated from college in May. I did not finish student teaching due to stress. I did not tell my mother this. She is part of my stress. It would have been alright to tell her but emotionally it created a boundary for me. I need to be separate from her.
For how many decades more can secrets last in this age? They are already seeming to evaporate; what were great secrets (pejoratively) of wars and innuendo and magic, have degraded into open secrets of hate for your boss, loveless marriages and "theoretical" virginity.
someone's running out of questions for their blog...
Questions are never in short supply. Good questions are as rare as real answers, the two being functionally identical.
The one I feel closest to is "I feel lonely every single day of my life".

I don't know why.
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