Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Rabbit and hat?

Would you rather see a rabbit pulled out of a hat or a hat pulled out a rabbit?

I've seen rabbits pulled out of hats all my life. I'd like to see if a hat pulled out of a rabbit would be a fur hat.
I would rather see a rabbit wearing a hat.
Rabbits from hats or hats from rabbits? The literal answer to this question is:

Google '' (a free video sharing site), go to 'search' enter 'men in coats 23' and watch a very entertaining comedy skit video. Did Cliff Pickover have something to do with the content? You be the judge.
Good Lord! Think of the children! Do you mean a real rabbit or a cocktail bunny?
Are you kidding me?

How about a rabbit pulled out of a hat that had just been pulled out of rabbit? And both rabbits need to be alive...
I'd love to see a rabbit strap on a marine helmet & maul the wolf.
depends on who was first, the rabbit or the hat?
Again? That trick never works.
I once saw an answer to your question as...someone has run out of questions.

Now, I concur.

Ah, well. Maybe the next question will be interesting...I'll check back.
Would you rather see a habit pulled out of a rat or a rat pulled out a habit?
What orifice is this hat coming out of on the rabbit?
It depends on the size of the hat. It has to be a lot bigger then the rabbit, otherwise the trick is not worth watching.

If the hat is pulled out of the anus of a rabbit, then it would be a cool trick, but I think that PETA would ban it. :)
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