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God says, "I will eliminate the emotion of your choice so that you will never experience this emotion again." What emotion do you choose?

Fear. Fear alone keeps me from doing so many things.
Regret, because that's the only way to make sure I wouldn't regret my choice later.
lonliness because its the only thing that makes me feel not worthwhile
Rage. When I do lose my temper, I end up feeling embarassed and guilty later.
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Envy. Despite how hard I try, there will always be someone better. The only person I need to compete against is myself, and that's motivation enough. Envy just brings me down, and I wouldn't say it's even indirectly responsible for bringing me back up.
None of them.

I Just want a bit more CONTROL over all of them.
Hate and it's counter love. Both of these two are equally able to cause a great deal of pain to many people
Is this the question that psychopaths mistakenly answered? Twit's response is right on. The other respondants seem to forget that they are the generators of their own emotional responses.
i would choose indifference. It is an emotion. Having gone through several years of being indifferent because of depression, it is a lonely, place to be.
Okay Bob, I wish to have God give me the ability to eliminate my fear. Is that better?

It's not very likely that anyone, especially a psychopath, will mistakenly answer a question that they chose to read. Also, there is no "right" answer to this question; regardless of who/what causes emotions. The purpose of this question is to find out what part of your human nature (specifically: an emotion) would you want removed if it was possible - so don't be an idiot.


My apologies for your misunderstanding and my lack of clarity. I wasn't inferring, as you've supposed, that anyone answering this question as presented on the Galactic Question Centre is a psychopath. I was attempting a joke, (that obviously fell flat), based on jokes we've all heard
that go something like: "G-d ran outa brains when he got to Joe etc." I was thinking of G-d asking this question as a kind of trick question when emotions were given out and psychopaths being those who requested no emotions. Ha Ha!

Also, I agree there is no "right" answer to this question...I stated that Twit was "right on" in other words "I agree" with Twit.

And Jamie, if you have to believe that the ability to overcome your fear will come from G-d, that's OK if it works without dependancy.(I think we not only look for intercession outside ourselves but also for external events and individuals to blame for our problems, leading to an unnatural separation from a sense of responsibility for our own social actions and behaviour) I believe you have the ability to overcome your own fear. Finally, Cagy's suggestion that anyone, on any forum site such as this is "an idiot" is less than decorous and in fact either rude or incredibly immature.(An easy way to avoid thinking).
Hello Bob. I don't believe in a god. You seemed to imply that there was a problem with eliminating an emotion due our being "...the generators of (our) own emotional responses". I was simply throwing God into the picture to see if your arm could be twisted enough to force you to simply accept the premise of the question.

I forgot that God was part of the original question. I see now that it was. I suppose that that made my response to you a little confusing.

Basically, I don't understand what your point is. Are you saying that it's a logical contradiction to eliminate an emotion of one's own? Or are you saying that it's wrong or immoral in someway? What exactly is the argument that you're making here?

(And to reiterate: the question is not whether one can "overcome" an emotion, as you said. Rather, the question is about which emotion you would choose to have eliminated completely)
Wow. Did this question hit an emotional chord with people, or what? I really enjoyed reading the responses, and, should I say,
exchanges. Such is the way of a good forum.

But back to my response. First, I don't see this having anything to do with "God". It was simply a way to ask the question & have someone to do the dirty work. Second, I don't like the word "eliminate" in the question. That means a total removal of an emotional response, never to be accessed again.

I understand people answering fear, regret, anger, etc., but an "elimination" may be taking it too far. Many bad emotional responses can teach, among other things, up to & including saving your life.

We do not have to answer the questions directly & to the point as some suggest. The questions are designed to promote thought & have an interesting exchange of ideas. (I think).

So, in the interest of an idea, I can't single out an emotion I would want eliminated. I, like bob-the-goat, mostly agree with twit. However, instead of control, I'm leaning to being more temperate(is that an emotion?).

I will say, for those who like a more direct answer to the question, the emotional reactions I dislike most in myself are fear & rage.
Jamie Personally I would not choose to eliminate any of my own emotions. My least productive and comfortable emotions, like anger, deserve management. Much of life's most ecstatic and profound experiences are only fully experienced because they exist in polarity with other emotions; love/hate,excitement/boredom,
despair/hope etc.If everything was always OK, happy, positive, it would also become flat and bland. So you love a sunny day but if that sunny day went on forever without nightfall you might yearn for the night and begin to feel persecuted by the incessant light and warmth.

I also think putting G-d in the quotient throws the discussion into a tailspin of conjecture. Personally I think the concept of G-d is too often used as a scapegoat and a proxy against responsible individual action.

I also appreciate JOA1431's calm and reasoned response, specifically:

"We do not have to answer the questions directly & to the point as some suggest. The questions are designed to promote thought & have an interesting exchange of ideas. (I think)."

Missing people. I don't like to miss people. :(
Beware of what you wish for! It must be the Devil asking this question.
Is doubt an emotion? There is no doubt that we know that we are all dying. Don't we all want to know why we die? Do other mammals contemplate their own deaths? Emotion, a great place to be while human but at what cost?
you eliminate emotion and you eliminate the soul. there is no one emotion. emotion is the whole. it is transforming.

so you silly folk can go and eliminate your emotions and feelings, but without grief there is no joy.

and you are dead. a straight line. and your mind can act like a cursor without a guide.

and you dont even have the possibility of love.
The problem is, I think the lack of an emotion would lead to far more problems that the emotion ever gave me. Think about pain; it's unpleasant, but it's ultimately there for warning, to stop you from accidentaly killing yourself. So I think I'd refuse such a gift.
Jealousy, seems to be a root of many of man's problems...
Lust. There is no other emotion known to man that will destroy him more than lust.
None. All are equally delicious!
none of the emotions. but yes i would ask for CONTROL over them.
Shame. A rational person can still make rational decisions based on other criteria. But shame is a hindrance.

How would a person without shame regulate their behavior? Well, enlightened self-interest springs to mind. Such a person would still want to act appropriately in a given situation because they were afraid of the consequences, were compassionate toward others, had a sense of fitness, desired a given outcome, loved someone involved, and so forth.

A person with no shame emotion would still wear clothes, for example. They would refrain from running around naked if they cared about what might happen if they didn't, say. But their personal nakedness could not be used to psychologically compromise them through embarrassment.

A child without a shame emotion would be difficult to raise using the all-too-common methods of violence and verbal abuse. They would not be subject to peer pressure. They would not need to have any fear of being themselves.
none. Without one, you can't have the other. Without knowing hate, how can you know love? Without knowing fear, how can you know caution? Without knowing jealousy or envy, how can you know fulfillment? Without regret, how can you now you've learned anything from the past?

All actions within nature, including emotions, have an equal and opposite reaction. If you lack one, you'll also have to sacrifice it's opposite because to truly know an emotion, you have to know it's dark counterpart.
psst...choose apathy. if you choose to eliminate apathy, then you can keep the rest of your emotions--you may need 'em some time
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