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The Three Horses Problem

Consider three horses, each pulling a cart filled with hay. The horses are in a row, walking down the road. As it walks, the second horse gets to eat from the hay that the first horse is pulling. The third horse gets to eat from the hay the second horse is pulling. Which horse would you prefer to be?

Second one because it eats while it's load is lighten.
Although from a pure logical standpoint, horse 2 is the choice because it is the only horse that eats while its load is lighten, I would prefer horse 1 from an emotional standpoint. Horse 1 gets an unobstructed view of the terrain while not having to step in, or smell, fecal matter. Horse 3 receives the most contact with fecal matter.
Horse one just gets on with job; no feces or food or other horses to distract it.

& probably appreciates it's food far more when the work is done.
The second. He gets to eat and his wagon gets lighter. The others only get one or the other.
All that needs to be said still is. All that really is in context, though, is the food issue. 3rd would have an increasing weight in itself, and 2nd would have a constant weight (taking in hay, having hay eaten), not a decreasing load.
I would chose the 2nd horse, because i am well fed and will pull less weight over time.
I think the first horse is in the leader role, while having it's burdon relieved by the second horse by eating it.
The second and third horses represent followers, not in control of the direction they are going.
The second horse is getting rewarded (eating from first horses wagon) while it's burdon is lightened by the actions of the third horse.
The third horse relieves the second horse from it's burdon, but doesn't have any relief from it's own burdon.
Basically, the three horses represent current society. First horse- upper class;leaders. Second horse- middle class. Third horse- lower class;servants.

Which would I rather be? Second horse.
Horse 1 not only does this horse have it's load lightened, has a wonderful view, but it also gets to choose what fresh grass and plants to eat as it walks. The horses behind can only guess why they have momentarily stopped while they ponder their hoofs covered and smelling of fecal matter and the dry hay they that has rat droppings in it from being stored in the barn prior to delivery.
First one. Better view, I can take the others on ridiculous paths and shit man, I'm number one! I'm number one! EGO!
Horse 3. Eat the Hay from 2nd Horse's cart. Reach home and you still have all the Hay you were carrying. want to be horse one. You can poop on the second horse. And truly how much hay can horse really eat that would lighten the load that much for it to make a difference??

If you are horse two or three you have to deal with horse butt and horse poop.
Second horse, no question. Your load is getting lightened by the third horse, plus you get to chow down whenever you feel like it. Some people have argued that your weight would therefore remain constant, but remember that horses are quite happy to poop in the middle of the road.
Since heavy horses are bred to work, I would take the third horse. Working isn't the issue, but at the end of the day, the first horse hasn't any food, the second horse is full but no more food, but I ate and have food for tomorrow.
Let's not forget that horse 2 and 3 are at a (slight) advantage by being in the slip stream of the 1st!
Horse 3 get to keep all of his hay though
Is it wise to eat whilst exerting oneself?
None of the above. Being a horse would be a lousy existance.
Of course, as a horse one wouldn't know any better.
If I was a man trapped in a horses body I would want to run. First horse definitely.
the first horse. im fat and need to diet and exercise
Someone said that the first horse would be 'upper class', wouldn't the last one be upper? He takes from someone else and noone takes from him, the second horse gets taken from but in turn takes from the first horse, who is the lower class.

Anyway I pick number three, in the name of hypertrophy, he gains muscle by carrying the most and continual nutrition!

Assuming that our "master" is humane (or intelligent) enough to periodically feed us, I would rather be the first horse because I would have a good view (instead of looking at a horses arse). On the other hand, if I were the second horse and the first horse was a sexy female horse, then I certainly wouldn't complain too much.
id be the last horse because he's the happiest
Horses are rubbish anyway.
I would never "prefer to be" a horse.
I don't see a problem.
I'd be the horse that's relaxing back in the stable wondering why those three volunteered for the job.
The first horse. He doesn't get to eat, but gives. It's better to give than to receive, and lately everyone has been giving many things to me. I'd like to be giving, too!
First Horse, as my load gets lighter and I get back to my stall quicker for a bag of oats and a good rub down.
all 3
All this concern about fecal matter is silly. There is, after all, a wagon in between each horse's butt and the next in line. While I am happily munching away, since I don't have to be focused on where I am going or leading, I have plenty of time to look down and avoid stepping in any "fecal matter".
Horse #2, far and away.
The food that #1 misses, and the lighter load that #3 misses.
Win win all the way, just for the inconvenience of dodging waste.
walt's answer is great. I doubly concur. it seems that horse #1 is the best choice when you don't automatically assume various unstated constructs about the horse's mission, motives, and responsibility in the delivery of the hay.
Yes. Very much so.
The last horse.

-You get to have a nice snack until the horse infront of you outruns you.

-You get to be alone.

-You are the only horse that wont get slain for not bringing back a full cart of hay.
3rd horse. food, exercise, more food when you get home.
sure, horse 1 gets a view, but he gets a lot less to eat than the other two.
nr.2 would maybe be okay, but if horse two and three eat at the same speed, he neither gains nor loses food.
But horse nr. three, he gets to eat a lot of food, and nobody takes from him. Also gets very much exercise.

so, horse #3 it is for me.
I choose horse number three.

Horse #1 is oldest and chosen to lead. Horse #2 is second oldest and next to lead. I am youngest and enjoying myself with no worries.

There should be little hay lost from the wagons and I am well fed anyway. Horses don't poop the entire way and if they do, I'll step over it.

I'd rather be young. Being young and male, I'll probably get the girls when we get home.
The first horse. Its load continually lightens as they go.
second horse: lighter load, free food, and protection both in front of and behind me.
I'd say horse 2, because you get to eat while stepping in less crap than horse 3.
First horse. The other two will probably be beaten for eating the hay that was being transported.
Please. You see this question as a 2 dimensional picture, not a deduced meditation. The question is: how do you see yourself, where YOU want to be.

I'm Horse 3. That's the way it is.
While the first horse may have the appreciation for food earned after a hard days work, the second horse has it made.
Second Horses cart is constantly being lightened, while he is eating. Also since the first horse is Not eating, he's not pooping. So the second horse also does not have to "watch his step".
Horse Number One. If the second horse eats my load, i'll have less to pull. The other two will get full and cumbersome. They're doing me a favor.
I'd like to be either # 1 or # 3. #1 because I would get the view and the lack of poop, but # 3 b/c I would get to eat and bring home food for later.
The first horse would have total control over where it would be going such as a water source or a farmer with apples! The 2nd and 3rd horses are limited to the hay. Also, the 1st horse has his load lightened!
depends on which horse is the hottest
Horse number two is the best to be. You get to eat while your load lightens.

And you do not have a net weight of 0 because horses can (and do) crap as they walk.
The first horse has to make all the mundane decisions as to where to go and what path is the safest and all B.S. His load is getting lightened, but then again, if he begins to lag behind, then the second horse is going to be getting in his way.

The second horse has no advantage and can only slow down or speed up in accordance with how much room is given to him by horse one and three. His load is getting lightened by horse 3, but he is also getting heavier because of all the hay he is eating, and plus, how often are we eating sphagetti as we are walking on a path?

The third horse has it set. He doesnt need to preoccupy himself with what path to take and things like that. He can just lazily follow the others and really enjoy the view as it all goes by. Also, he can lag behind as much as he wants. In a way, he can set his own pace, as long as it isn't faster than the first horse. Not to mention that he will have a full load of hay ready for him when they arrive at their destination.

The third horse does have to deal with the feces of the other two horses, but then again, the first horse is going to have to deal with all the obstacles in the way and the second horse is dealing with the claustrophibic condition of being sandwhiched inbetween the two.

The third horse has it set.
1st horse, presuming there all going in the same direction, then i'd get to eat the 3rd horses hay at my leisure when the day is done,
why does everybody think the horses keep the hay? since when do horses carry their own hay around?
second horse
obviously, each horse has its own strengths and weaknesses. 1 has a steadily lighter load while taking in the scenery, sitting on a leadership role, and not getting poop on his feet.
2 has constant food and a lighter load to carry.
3 has constant food, but will step in all of the poop.

However, one thing we are overlooking here is this: Is the first horse being led on by a carrot? Is someone directing the first horse? Because in that situation, the whole "Leader role/ ego" thing disappears. Also, putting the carrot aside, that lead horse would be the most severely punished upon arrival to their assumed destination, as he was supposed to make sure the load arrived intact.

Questions to ponder.
To those of you who picked #1, if the trek is a month, horse one would die of starvation. If #1 dies before its load is eaten and #2 & 3 continue, then #2 is without food. So it depends, we need more info. Is it five minutes, a day, or...? Have I gone too far?
Horse one is leading but they are all on a road. According to the question there is no option to deviate from the path. If we are able to disregard that part of the question then we could also say that the horses could switch places or remove the wagons completely. The real answer to this question will differ from person to person as it has a lot to do with what each person holds as important. Take for instance the guy that wanted to pull the weight and eat so her could grow in strength. That never even occurred to me, but it's right, and I like to think my answer would be right as well.
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