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Question from God

God appears before you and asks, "What is the most profound question you can ask me?" What is your answer?

You don't already know?
What time is it really?
If you created people to be rational and intelligent, then why do some people disbelieve in your existence? Either your hiding any evidence of your existence, in which case you can't punish them for coming to a rational conclusion, or you are influencing them so that they come to irrational conclusions (Assuming that you created people to be rational unless their senses are tampered with), in which case this seems grossly immoral. (This is based on the Argument from Nonbelief created by Theadore Drange, which you can find by googling Secular Web)
Where have you been?
Do you believe in God?
Nothing. Being in the presence of God answers all questions, rational and irrational. It will be the Eternal Orgasm. So then, if God exist, there is no need to ask, just enjoy.
Fancy a pint?
I'll scratch my head for the question until I am awake...
Where did you come from?
Enoch walked with God.
I don't think all of his questions were answered.
It takes an infinite mind to comprehend an infinite being.
We would have to become as God first to have all questions answered.
What is your true name? I know it was changed, but I just dont know what it was changed from...
How's yer ma!
Say when?
I suspect I'd already know the answer in a situation like that.
Why all the loneliness?
"God, the world, and I"
"What is the most profound question you can ask me?"

Why do you ask?
Is there a point to all of this?
No, Reg; there isn't.
Is there a beginning?
Ok God,
There are three horses, each pulling a cart filled with hay...
I would ask God if He has a God.
What is the Ultimate question to life, the universe, and everything?
Who made you? Why did you make us? What don't we know?
to axfleming-

If a person believes in God in this realm (our own human reality) then the person is in fact in the presence of God. Just like Enoch. In other words, God came to Enoch. If a person is at the presence of God, is like being 10 feet from the sun. Total anihilation or complete transmutation and absortion. Therefore, there is nothing left but to be whatever the person is converted.
There are no room for questions or intent of comprehension.

as a side note, Enoch turned out to be an Angel called Metatron (I know it sounds like a transformers name) in post-scriptural Islamic esoteric and occult sources.

I don't know if this is the Enoch that was you referred (there are a few others)

Could Metatron have a lot of Q's?
Who knows!
That claim that a finite mind cannot understand the Infinite --is a weird , yet popular cliche .To follow such a cliche is a cop out-- a lot like the sort of thinking the guy in the parable of the talents (Luke 19:11-27) that buried the coin that the Lord had given him in the ground instead of gaining more coins to give to the Lord when he returned from the far country . Knowledge itself could be likened to the symbol of the talent in the parable .

Mathematicians, incidentally, work with infinite sets and series oftentimes .

To say that if we knew all the answers we would become God is also a cop out . The God of the Bible is a dialectical God . (Hoperfully will have more time to explain that at length .

furthermore, even if a person did come to know all the answers , he would still NOT be equal to God --let alone superior.

God has many other perfect characteristics ---and a person being granted the ability of all-knowing-ness would NOT mean that they had attained all the other perfect characteristics of God .

The all-knowingness of God does NOT by the way mean that there is only one future as far as God is concerned . Unless God acts in special Divine Intervention --with possible future contingent events --especially those that involve created free agents--God knows possible fututure events as probabilities rather than as a settled affair . There are many futures even in the gaze of God .

Jay at
why in god's name did you do all of this ?
Are you my daddy?
paulo:"If a person is at the presence of God, is like being 10 feet from the sun." or "It will be the Eternal Orgasm."

How would you know that and be able to report it? If you say "faith" I'd say "fantasy".

"There are no room for questions"

No doubt why the union of religion and politics have most often birthed war.
There is no question any man can ask that isn't already answered in the bible.
i would ask god if he could kill himself
i would ask god can you kill yourself. and charles, since i am no man, i can surely come up with a boat load of questions.
What was/is your ultimate goal/intention with creation? Just a random experiment that will end?
Who made you "god"?
I would say "It would depend on whether you would or could answer it..."
what's up?
That one.
recognizing that this question assumes a lot, my question (of which i've given considerable thought ever since Joan Osborne wrote that song...) would be:

Is there Justice/Karma?

think about it. how much theft, crime occurs because the perp (be he a crack head or a corporate executive) believes he'll GET AWAY WITH IT? correspondingly, how much money, effort, suffering does society spend punishing said perp?

if mankind were to be assured, once and for all, with no question, beyond doubt, that there is indeed a cosmic retribution, a divine leveling of the scales (not only for "sins" but also just desserts for GOOD WORKS and prosperity), who WOULD thieve, cheat, steal, etc??
"Why did my previous answer to this blog evaporate?"

Why did you create Satan???
There are really two questions I'd want the answer to:

The first is a two part question:

1). In our natural energy states, is it possible for us to travel within a black hole freely or would be succumb to it's gravity the same as light and matter?

2). If the answer is yes, would one be able to astrally travel within a black hole and safely return to their material form/physical form?

The second questions is:
If energy is neither created nor destroyed, and in our most pure and natural forms we are energy created from your being, how did you come into existence? What was the universe before it and you came into being? And if you were always here, how did you become aware of yourself (i.e. what was the first thought you conceptualized about your own being?)

Haha, I've never been one to ask just one question. The great all being would just have to understand :D
When are we leaving...?
Why do i stand before YOU,O Lord, what sin did i fail to commit against you in my earthly life that i stand here and not in hell?
why is π the value that it is?
"Apparently you are not God because if you were you would already know and would not ask."
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