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You get $1 million today or $2 million if you wait two years. Both awards are tax free. Which do you take? In either case, if you received the money, would you leave your job?

I'll take the one-mil, thanks.

It is later than we think.

I would not leave my jobs (maybe modify them a little) ... they give me far more than just money.
Wait for two years.
I can't make 1 million in two years, even with inflation, investing the money etc.
Easy one.

$2 million in two years. Yes, I'd leave my current job but would most likely create new work for myself.
I would wait for the $2 million, but I wonder how it would affect my life today, knowing that it would come to me. I suspect that a poor person would need the money right now and would take it.
I would wait but utilize credit knowing that I could pay it off. The money would help me do my job even better
One million now, and I'll do the job I want to do rather than the job I feel financially obligated to do.
I'll take the $2 million please. Thanks. :) And yes, I'd quit my job! Then I can spend more time exploring this beautiful world and life.

Fun question.
For personal interests I'd take the 1 million now - it's more than enough.

But perhaps the things I could do for others with 2 million means I really should wait.

In either case I'd quit my job - I love it, but there are many parts of it that I don't love and there wouldn't be any reason to take that any more.
I decided to wait the 2 years out. Only 18 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes to go!

Similar to Bob the Goat, I will be making more work for myself, but it will be in the same realm as what I do now.

Think carefully about quitting your job: $2M won't last forever, and if you're out of work for an extended period, you'll be coming back into the workforce at a much lower wage. Investing is risky and may not pay back what you need to live on, but it certainly won't hurt.
Take the money now. Two years from now I could be dead. Where's the pay-off in that? Take the money, hire lawyers and investment counselors, bank in Switzerland, keep doing what I'm doing, and retire VERY early to a life of travel, discovery, and good food.
It depends on a lot of things. I guess that a million in the hand is better than a 2kk after a few years.

You can never know what will happen after a year, so I would like to be on the safe side.
I would wait and take the $2 million. I will need the money more later than I need it now. I wouldn't quit working because I would save the money and invest and buy some things with the money. I would rather keep making more money than try to live off of 2 million forever.
i dont think it would be a good idea to quit your job for 1-2 million dollars. honestly, that really isnt that much money right now. not that i hvae all the money in the world or anything but im young and 2 million probably would barely satisfy my needs for the rest of my life, especially since i dont have much saved up. ALSO if i had 2mil i doubt i would have the self restraint to keep myself from spending more than i should.

for the wait or dont wait issue...i really dont know. tricky tricky..
Take the money and run! No one knows what tomorrow holds, just ask the lady on vacation in Florida last week... Oh wait! You can't! She was KILLED by an Eagle Ray that jumped out of the water and into her face!

As for the job? Please! I wouldn't even go back to pick up my stuff!
you can't retire or live the life of luxury with 1 or even 2 mil. i'd take the 2 mil in 2 years, toss that in conservative investments, hope for 6-10% a year and keep working. it's sad to see people would utilize credit or quit their jobs for this amount of money. the notion of savings has really disappeared in this country.
no question. two million in two years. in fact, i'd be willing to wait five years for five million, but beyond that, i'd cash out.

which raises an interesting correlating question: at what point would you cash out? if you were gonna git an additional mil for each year, would you wait one year? two? twenty?
absolutely wait for the two mil. in fact, i'd wait three years for three mil, five years for five. but, beyond that, i'd probably cash out.

which raises an interesting correlating question:

how long would you wait till you cashed out? would you take a mil now, two mil in two years? five mil in five years? twenty in twenty? how long would YOU wait?
One million now, thanks. Who knows what a dollar will be worth in two years.

What would I do with the million dollars? I'd buy a modest house or apartment for myself and maybe two or three others to provide me with rental income. I'd convert most of what was left over into into precious metals or a foreign currency or some other investment is likely to weather the coming financial storms.

I wouldn't quit working -- either as a landlord or in my current profession, ya' gotta' stay in touch with the workaday world. I'd try to work fewer hours, though.

I might take the opportunity to exercise different work skills, or try freelancing.

What ever extra spare time I had I would want to spend it reading. Volunteer work isn't out of the question, either.
One million today. What if i die in two years? I've so many things I'd like to buy and do before I die. Starting today would make my life. Even one million dollars would go a long way.
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