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Is there knowledge we shouldn't seek?

Is there knowledge we shouldn't seek?

Yes, knowledge of whether knowledge is of the type such that we should not seek it.
No. We should seek and study and comprehend as we are able. I believe Einstein indicated that atomic energy was far in advance of human ability to responsibly handle it. Something like giving monkeys the atomic bomb. In that light I would qualify my "No" with a rider suggesting we carefully study and test the implications of new knowledge before we apply it practically or act on it in any other way.
There will always be a next question leading to at least one next datum to be known. We are experiencing an infinite progression of knowledge leading to more knowledge. This goes on even to the point of knowing the results of every permutation of every circumstance which this universe can contain, we can still seek a configuration that leads to a new result. I don't believe there will ever be an omega point. Our universe may be finite, but the multiverse is unbounded.
As Confucius says: don't stop to think, as you might not start up again.
There are certain things better left alone, but these are personal things. Otherwise, the quest for knowledge and wisdom should not be compromised.
we don't know
reverse the question
'?seek shoudn't we knowledge there is'
or as socrates put it 'know thyself'
As humans, we are very unique in our ability to learn. As far as we know, our self awareness and consciousness can only be shared among ourselves, and even then it can be difficult. It is our responsibility then, as unique organisms with a conscious, aware intelligence capacity to expand our understanding of this reality and answer the ultimate question of "why?"
Yes we should not seek all knowledge. Especially in the sense of carnal knowledge or any other knowledge that would break a moral/cosmic law of course. I mainly agree with bob the goat though about personal responsibility when seeking knowledge of huge power. You have to understand how best to use it or you could destroy yourself and others, but besides that, nothing should be unknown to the person who can fully handle all the psychological and karmic consequences of it
Yes, the terrible secret of space

Such was not meant for man
Once we add a piece of knowledge to our collective understanding, it cannot ever be removed. I still believe that the more we know, the better off we are. There are individual exceptions to this, but overall we benefit by having a more complete understanding of ourselves and the world. Tryptamind_com
Our whole purpose for being is to gain knowledge. As beings with souls, it is my belief that we exist to learn lessons only being on Earth can teach. No matter the consequences, for good or ill, we must learn these lessons and we do that by gaining knowledge of the unknown.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, but also consequences at the abuse of that knowledge. It is through our misuse/ignorance of the destructive power of the atom and hydrogen bombs that we know what will happen if we are irresponsible with that knowledge in the future.
I think this is a very interesting question. Some things tend to lose their majesty when they are picked apart and analyzed. But then again we can benefit from the knowledge gained. I guess it depends. Knowing humans we would undoubtably find some way to turn any new knowledge into a way to kill each other and just wipe each other out over who has the most green pieces of paper or who flies their flag over what scrap of land. psh.
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