Sunday, December 09, 2007


Understanding or persuasion?

Would you rather have the gift of understanding or persuasion?

My first thought was 'understanding' (my overdeveloped superego or something).

Then I thought NO! It's got to be 'persuasion'..

All those chicks, man ¦:¬)

But after more serious consideration, I realised how ambiguous the question really is.

How 'big' is this 'gift'?

In one sense, "Understanding or persuasion?" is comparable to 'Accepting or Altering?'

& those may only be a matter of perspective.

Stand under.
Understanding can lead to persuasion. Persuasion will not always, or even often, lead to understanding. Therefore, understanding is the better choice.
I agree with Aaron.

Understanding can help one to persuade, but persuasion is only persuasion.
when you already have the skill of a$$-kicking, neither is required... ;)
Easily understanding. Persuasion would only help to serve yourself and your ego, which would ultimately prove to be a hollow victory after you've persuaded the world into you ruling it or whatever. Understanding brings peace/acceptance. This question is really more just like a test because those who already have understanding are going to understand why understanding is the right answer.
Understanding is fine, but I believe this to mean that I could understand all things. That doesn't mean I could get OTHERS to understand as well. Others not understanding leads to abominations like 8 years of W. Persuasion is the way to go my friends, persuade those around you to do what's right (oh, and get Jessica Biel to marry me!).
I have both and I must say that the ability to understand something outside yourself is a lot more perceptive and peaceful than being able to get your way all of the time.
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