Sunday, January 06, 2008


Pluto or Saturn?

Humans will be modified to exist on another planet. Do you choose Pluto or Saturn? Why?

I choose Pluto. For humans to be able to survive on such a cold and harsh world, this means they would have to have special organs and exoskeletons. Once having these new features, they could probably exist on other worlds as well.
I thought they said Pluto wasn't a planet anymore? It got demoted.
Too bad Pluto isn't a little colder. It's my understanding that Pluto is just a little too warm for liquid helium to exist. It would be interesting to have creatures with a super-conducting fluid for blood. And as anonymous suggested, being able to live in succh an extreme would pre-adapt one's race to survival in the greater bulk of space and time.
Imagine a if you went to live on another planet, your children would dream of coming to Earth.
saturn...bigger, more fun, diamond rain.
Definitely saturn. It's bigger, prettier, gets more sunlight, and has lots of moons to explore. Though Im assuming that we can get past the problem of it not having a solid surface. If I could fly/float, or live in Cloud City, that would be really cool.
Saturn. More resources. Beautiful rings. Closer to Earth.
Saturn, most defiantly. We already know what it is like to live on a terrestrial world. Being adapted to a Jovian planet would offer us the ability to fly (or swim) through the entire planet, not just the surface.
I'm quite familiar with Saturnine energies by now; I think I'm ready for Pluto. New planet, new challenges, new lessons to learn.
I'd have to go with Pluto, not only because it's my ruling planet, but also it's the furthest planet out from the sun, which means it's the closest planet to everything outside of this galaxy.
Saturn. Pluto has no atmosphere, or a very thin layer if any. I'd like to be protected from space debris and solar wind.
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