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Mary, Jesus, and Jobs

Neo-Jungian Clarissa Pinkola Estes asserts that if Mary, Mother of Jesus, were born today, "Mary would be a teenage girl-gang leader." As shocking as this may sound, one wonders what occupation Jesus or any prophet would have if born today. Would they be involved with computers, biotechnology, or the entertainment industry, or would they be farmers and fishermen? Would a Jesus in the 21st Century be exploring other planets and stars?

Jesus would be a vegetarian living in a self-sustaining commune.

Off-topic, but the comment moderation word that I have to type in for this comment is rumii.
I think Jesus would be a janitor or some sort of physical-labor job like that. Simply because any man who claims to be the son of God will not go far (unless he is in the entertainment industry). And I think because of his values and beliefs he would have some sort of human-services job.

The most profound people usually are the ones that are in the background of society.
Jesus is a talk-show host.

You people are so slow ¦;¬]
Faith healer?
i think he would be teacher of handicapped or mentally retarded children. he would have the compassion and patience necessary, and he would be able to accept and love without reservation. plus think of all the nifty miracle cures he could pull off.
He would be a televangelist.
The other day, when I posted my comment, I forgot to mention that I was reminded of a song that my older husband has sung since I've known him (11 years). I say "older" because he's 32 years older than me and therefore from a generation that would more readily recognize this song.

These are some of the words to the song, by Kris Kristofferson:

Jesus was a Capricorn
He ate organic food
He believed in love and peace
And never wore no shoes
Long hair, beard and sandles
And a funky bunch of friends
well...there's still carpenters around, right? they're just rarer and make more money...he could probably just afford to buy some loaves and fishes. or sushi.
Jesus would be a revolutionary, in thought and action (most definitely going against some of Christianity's long held beliefs). He would be well known, but not overly famous. Maybe a comedian/political activist.
Jesus of his day was obviously of high status. Of royal lineage. He was most likely not a poor carpenter but probably "a carpenter to the stars" so to speak. He was at the head table of a very elaborate wedding (his own perhaps?) He had money or at least power. He came today- he might be the reebel son of a Dot Com company.
I think Jesus would be a rock star. Hed be jetting around the globe singing the praise of god with the good book in one hand and a beer or a cigarette in the other. Either that or hed be locked up in a psychiatric ward doped up on pharmaceuticals.
Jesus=Hippie Sophia?
a stand-up comic or an NBA star.
in his time, he was a challenge to organized religion and its evils - he promoted free thinking and got to the point where the established religious/political nexus felt threatened enough to crucify him. His followers were not in the mainstream , and were routinely fed to lions as the entertainment of the time. His occupation if he were alive today would be irrelevant (is he famous for his skills as a carpenter?). He'd still be a long way from mainstream society, his words/actions would threaten organized religion (including what passes now for 'Christianity') - efforts would be made to malign him in the media and his followers would be dismissed as cranks. The uptake rate is a littttle bit slow on controversial ideas. History indeed repeats itself
If Jesus were to be born in thsi time and age, he would most likely be what he was, a carpenter.
A Politician
jesus would have dreadlocks and work at the food co-op. he would carry his baby in a backpack to preschool and would take his older daughter to the symphony matinees for half price. he would read to both of them every night and then give his wife a nice backrub. he would work miracles on the sick and needy he saw in the alleys and backstreets of Homewood. he would cure the drug addicts of their addictions and the hookers of their std's. he would do all that without telling them...without anyone knowing. and he would leave melted icecream near the trash cans for the neighborhood cats.
Hmm... works with precision tools to construct useful things. Has a mother and father with high opinions of his intellectual gifts. Arrogant and opinionated, but a good team leader. Never knows which job location he's going to be working in at any given moment. Thinks he's God.

OK, I think Jesus would be an oilfield engineer. :D
Don't know but he would be a son of a carpenter, architect, mechanic, contractor, engineer, or some other builder type if I had to guess.
To the last anonymous person - I like your response.
Cable Guy!
Jesus is (mostly or entirely, depending on which scholars you ask) a fictional character. It's a little like asking what Sherlock Holmes would do if he were alive today.

But the ancient Levant had lots of itinerant preachers. Most of them could probably just as comfortably run a cult movement today.
Jesus would head up a huge multinational cheese corporation, "CHEESES OF NAZARETH"
Mary would be a single mother, since Joseph would find out thru paternity tests that Jesus was not his real son. Mary would stand on street corners by street lights with a sign that said "Single mom, please donate ten percent of your income to help."
Jesus would be work on a chain gang in prison with all the other non-violent drug offenders.
Jesus would be the Chief Executive Officer of a big cheese mega corp...
My guess is quantum physicist.
he'd be just another crazy homeless guy, or he would probably end up in an asylum doped to the gills.
Cliff, dude, you seem to have some sort of fixation on religion. Might I suggest you play some games or something or get a girlfriend?

Since I generally do not believe fairy tales or superstitous twaddle (or however you prefer to refer to religion) I have no particular prejudice when it comes to some dead guy named jesus. If such a person were alive today he would moste likely be the street guy in georgetown who handed me a nine page paper on his theories of the solar system and the universe (do I detect a miracle here? Just how did a street guy get all those copies of a nine page handout?) Or possibly a con man like Jim Jones and his koolaid kids. Or a televangelist like Jim Baker or the dude that had the flings with prostitutes and cried on TV because he had "sinned". Or he's the guy in the cartoons with the "End of the world is near" signs like he was back in those old days of yore when any yokel with a beard and a robe could pretend to be a saviour.
Jesus(Christ Michael)came to live and teach on Earth(Urantia)by way of Mary's virgin womb from the va heavens and stars above. For the secrets of the Universe(s)and answers to all of your related questions ,visit the Urantia Book online and let your infinite journey begin....
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