Thursday, April 24, 2008


Cliff on Coast to Coast

Did you hear Cliff on the radio show Coast to Coast tonight? If so, what did you learn?

i was deemed ADHD, which replaced a former Bi-Polar label; however that one has such nasty connotations for a single mother in this society. i am happy that i no longer have that label....that aside:
ultimately what i want to say is that
i heard Cliff on Coast to Coast tonight and the most compelling information for me was that our galaxy is not static, it is growing. i know this for a fact because i have experienced a strange phenomenon where i have felt our universe or galaxy "stretch," to a pin point. this manifested itself in everything stopping around me for a nano second and then resuming. it was the strangest thing i have ever felt. right now i feel more connected to the Universe than i have my entire life on Earth. i don't do drugs, but i have done the legal and the illegal ones...i haven't wanted to do psychedelics; however lately i feel like i want to do a Native American sweat with peyote. i feel like this would open me up to a message for the better of the good for the world we live in. i feel like there is a message for me. i hope to find one this year because i call 2008: the year to clean out the proverbial closet in anything in our psyche. i have so much more i want to share! but it is late and time to sleep! much love and light to the world, people! x chan dynasty
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