Friday, May 16, 2008


Sunshine or shadows?

You are walking through the town of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. You see a light in the sky, and hear God’s voice thundering down. "Which do you choose," He asks, "sunshine could cure cancer, or the shadows of humans can do half of humanity’s work? For example, the shadow of a gas station attendant can pump gas while the attendant works on another car."

Shadows, definitely. Curing cancer won't fix anything -- nature would find another way to balance the books. And sentient shadows would simply be awesome.
gotta go with the shadows.
Shadows, but, if I had cancer, then the sun I guess. 2 Seconds of thought
I would be down for the shadows. Yes, curing cancer would be great if it would happen with just a little bit of sunshine. But like danielo said, I think their is something else out there, or within us that will be given an open window.

Plus, just think of relationship you and your shadow will have.
def sunlight ... atleast you know what to expect upfront - sentient shadows ... might organize, demand better conditions, right to drive, vote ...
But can the shadow pump gas while the gas station attendant snoozes in his hammock? This obviously isn't the G-d of the Bible. He didn't seem to offer weird deals. Solomon in Ecclesiastes tells us there's no real justice on the earth in fact the acts of G-d are random, without focus. The evil may prosper and the poor and humble suffer without intercession under the ambivalence of G-d's dull oversight. No working shadows or easy cures for cancer, although there is a talking donkey in the old testament. Ancestor of Mister Ed, of course.
But sunshine does help cure cancer, and shadows cannot do our work.

Some one has already been asked to choose for this one.
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