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If you could change places with God for a day, what would be your first act as God?

easy -- appear with a heavenly voice heard across the whole world and command all faithful to abandon their religions and get on with the business of stem cell research, ai, galactic colonisation etc. let the fun begin!
If I destroyed the old God, then I'd be able to stay in office for more than one day! Since that sounds like too much responsibility, I think I'd give myself the permanent ability to turn invisible, so that after God-day, I could be a superhero.
I experience God as it is. The entirety. Since God to me is the totality of everything that is and isn't - and is beyond our scope of understanding. I want to experience that. The ultimate high, bliss and dread all at the same time. I want to feel what it is like being the mitochondria of another persons cell, how the sun feels to a plant, riding the wind....seeing the Universe - BEING the Universe. And so much more. Yeah, that would be my first act as God. Oh and also, play a few jokes on "God" as me.
I'd make all beards become completely pink.
& any attempt to alter them would have no effect whatsoever (even attempts to cut them off).

BTW: I have never been more serious about anything..
It is hard to understand what would it be like to be God because our limited minds can't comprehend the concept of being omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, everlasting, infinite (and other attributes given to God) all at the same time. I'm assuming that by God you mean the Judeo-christian God because of the picture in hebrew.
Simultaneous world pa system multi-lingual announcement:


I AM REAL! You only exist BECAUSE I EXIST!

I am ONE -- THE One creator-god of ALL humanity. I have many names and have sent numerous messengers to tell you The TRUTH. Yet you CHOSE to ignore them, or to twist their words or meanings for your OWN gain - not mine!

STOP! STOP ALL your striving, fussing, and fighting and GET A CLUE!
PEACE, compassion, and empathy are what I -THE One- DEMAND NOW!
NOT the averest, greed, gluttony, lust, and evil that you strive for now.
GO! SPREAD compassion and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless - for one day it could be you!
GO! MAKE understanding among and between you - each and all of one!
GO! HEAL the sick and dieing! You have had the means to cure ALL illness from the beginning!


JUST DO IT - NOOOOOOOOWWW! Don't make me come down there again! (The announcement would be followed by a low-level, yet VERY palbable global earth tremor - so that it is ALL that is reported on ALL the news stations for at least 24 hours -- until the "miracles and changes" start to occur).
Let the world know I exist and that I abhor violence.
A general apology followed by the irreversible dissolution of the offices and roles of G-d.
I'd collect my parts, wake up the universe and check which people to take back to paradise.
i'd collect my parts, put together, wake up universe to consciousness and choose which people to take back to paradise.
Work up something absolutely unforgettable-

perhaps have a solar eclipse and let the whole world quiver in fear of this utter darkness;then a celestial display of various Aurora Borealis in fast forward sequence for all the world to see.

Then scatter a rain of pamphlets on earth with new commandments that weren't stuck up (I mean rigid) and sign it with my name, hah!
If I was "God" why would I have to "act" at all? I'd be infinite in all ways and more complete than complete, knowing all, being all, needing nothing.
Oh, and I didn't mean that if I was God that's what "I" would do, I was just raising the old philosophical conundrum of why an infinite being complete in itself/themself, needing nothing, being everything, would need to "do" anything at all.
I'd directly intervene in the affairs of my own life.
Make it permanent.
I would switch the sex of everyone so men would see what it was like to be a woman and women would see what it was like to be a man.
I'd probably up everyones DMT content to make up for all the evolution lost during those many witch hunts.

Also, I would up everyones empathic ability some, so that we COULD walk a mile in thier shoes, and if you understand where they are coming from emotionally, misunderstanding would be less.

Just a little twitch. Mostly, I would continue to let all the entities develop at their own pace.
A general amnesty would prevail and we could all be virgins again.
i'd make it to where my boyfriend didn't die that night when he was trying to save mine...
i'd make it to where my boyfriend didn't die the night that he saved my life...
I would cause my existence to cease. I don't want to live in a Universe where "a god" exists.
As God I would wipe all knowledge of my existance and subsequent belief in all religions from every mind alive. Then maybe we could finally have some peace around here. More people have been killed in the name of "God" through out history than for any other reason.
I would awaken all to that every one would stop what they are doing and simply look around, take it all in and be aware of the marvelous universe around them. There eyes would become unveiled, their sensitivities to those around them would unfold, weapons would be dropped, cell phones would fall and everyone and everything would be known as the collective one that they are.
Eliminating the Federal Reserve comes to mind......

I would probably just make myself known - righting all the screw ups by the previous deity would take hundreds of years.
End all suffering...
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