Friday, August 15, 2008


Your accomplishments?

Imagine you are 15 years old and can see your life now and your accomplishments. Would your teenage self be "proud" of your accomplishments in life?

Probably not. My 15 year old self was a wiseass know it all punk who was going to conquer the world by the time he was 25.
Yes. But my teenage self would also be ashamed, embarrassed & shocked by lots of other stuff.
Probably satisfied that I'd remained true to my nature and ethical inclinations although perhaps deeply disappointed that my youthful ideals shared by an entire generation did not change the world as we had hoped and in fact the world had become more dangerous, treacherous and barbaric, filled with war rather than peace, filled with more destruction less creativity.
My 15 year old self and I would NOT get along. I would hate him for being too smart for his own good, which eventually led me to doing the things I needed to do as opposed to the things I wanted to do. He would hate me for becoming the kind of guy who would point out that I told him so. I really haven't accomplished any of the things I dreamed of as a 15 y/o, but I got over it.
My 15 year old self had one thing only on his mind. I would have been overjoyed to find out I'd been married for 18 years to a woman with huge boobs and been getting laid finally! At 15, I was pretty much convinced I'd never get laid. Girls didn't like me.
I think my fifteen year old self would find my life boring. I had illusions of the more grandiose, shall we say. He'd probably say, you're an OK dude, but what happened to adventure?
Thank you, Jean Paul Sartre. No, I don't think I would be because it might injure my own hopes and dreams and damage my life. Ask a grocery store manager:
"When you were a ten year old child did you ever dream you would end up doing this?"
No, I'm pretty sure I'd be a bit disappointed. Like many 15 year olds, I thought I'd do better than what I've done- I thought maybe I should have played guitar in a famous band or win a nobel prize, be a famous professor/scientist etc. Given that chance plays such a huge role in landing those fantasy gigs, I had to settle for being a competent, reasonably compensated, nearly anonymous employed scientist with an interesting but not crucial job.
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