Saturday, February 21, 2009


Can genius be born or can it be learned?

Can genius be born or can it be learned? Is it possible to cultivate genius? (See article for more information.)

Someone may be unaware that they are a genius, and once informed of this, it is technically learned by them, and it would be interesting to see exactly how their behaviors would change after learning this about themselves.
I think it is a process of learning over many lifetimes so I must agree with both.
The giant flaw in most IQ tests is that every function they measure can be learned, memorized and acquired. One can easily cram for an IQ test or even learn how to "beat" one. Some of these IQ tests are more than 70 years old. Many of them were formulated by universities to test intellectual capability in WWII soldiers, sailors and airmen. Here's how: Study analogies, simple practical math games, vocabulary, memorize and get good at counting backwards by subtraction of 6s, 7s, 8s, 11s. Practice quick meorization of numbers then spitting them out backwards as fast as you can. Play "missing pieces", No one does exceptionally well on everything. The day you take the test simply make sure you've gotten enough sleep, have not crammed for three nights, had only a light breakfast, took no caffeine or stimulants, be clean of any drug; Smart drugs usually screw up your senses and timing, make you nervous, delude you into thinking you are smarter than you are (remember Gofer and the exam in "Animal House". they had given him a placebo). You are not there to please the tester or be scared of him or her. Stay very cool and accept why you are there. Like the flight instructors say, "Just fly the plane." You can also take Mensa's IQ test. Costs $25 and they give you a little coaching there about test taking.
If you don't pass the first time (I didn't), Try again later. And just be honest with yourself and HAVE FUN.
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