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Every human on Earth will receive an IQ boost of 30 points if you press a button. Do you press?

Pressing or not pressing - it doesn't matter. All the scores would still be the same in relation to the others.
I would definitely press the button because a global increase in intelligence could usher in a new renaissance of innovation and discovery, from the third world to the first, not to mention overall greater critical thinking skills, creativity, inspiration, invention, resourcefulness, etc. In fact it might be the one thing that ensures humanity can survive the hump and grow of it's technological adolescence.

Paul Hughes
What's IQ anyway? Does it make you happy?
I'm having a hard time imagining what, if any, might happen as a result of this. I think I would press the button, if only for watch the outcome.
Hell yes!!! I know way to many people who could use the boost including me and our former pres.
of course not, i don't need it!..
Paul: does IQ really translate into creativity, inspiration, invention, and resourcefulness?

IQ seems to be "the ability to solve puzzles". :)

That's what I've always thought about IQ. It's interesting to hear someone else say it.
Hi Chris,

I assumed the author was using IQ figuratively (as most people do) for general intelligence or most generally an overall increase in brain functioning, which would include all the functions mediated by the brain - creativity, inspiration, resourcefulness, problem solving, intuition, etc.
Hii!! It is a good article I have a question to asked from you that Exec telly What is the correct meaning of IQ is this make a human special feature or a extra power to think?????
This is a no-brainer, of course! A better question would be, "what if the IQ of everyone of Earth were raised 30 points, except yours?"
yes, because even though everyone else would get a boost leaving you in the same place you started on an intellectual scale, the increase as a whole would help us advance the human condition through greater leaps in science.
So, let's suppose that intelligence's gonna help us advance as a civilization. So, logically, the opposite would be true: lack of intelligence is what have us stuck and suffering and fighting each other.
Is that so?
I find that line of thinking a little bit hard on people from poor countries such as mine, Ecuador.
A higher IQ's not gonna make us happier. Or better. Is not how much you got: is how you use it.
So no, I wouldn't press the button. If it gave each one of us 30 million dollars, then yes, I'd definitely press it!
Even if such a button were to exist, it would be impossible to raise everyone's IQ by 30. For a given population, the average person has an IQ of 100 with a bell curve distribution pattern. If you simultaneously raised everyone's IQ by 30 points, the average would be 130 which contradicts the definition of the measurement of IQ.

Now, if the question were posed "would I press a button to increase everyone's intelligence by 30%?" then my answer is yes, I certainly would. Hopefully everyone would.

I think generally speaking most people tend to use higher intelligence for the greater good.
Yes emphatically YES I would press it till my fingers wore down if it would make mankind as smart as they thought they were.
Of course I'd press the button. Just because everyone's IQ goes up the same, doesn't mean the world wouldn't change. I'm sure people would have more awareness for their surrounding environment, and people would figure out ways to do things they thought they couldn't do. The world, I believe, would be a better place. There would be more independent people, and there wouldn't be as much conflict, because people could figure things out on their own.
I wouldn't. It would make everyone who pushed brighter, but not happier or better looking, smarter and certainly not wiser. Its like that old sailor's term mostly used wrongly by finance and business: "A rising tide lifts all boats." It might be temporarily interesting. After a while the novelty would wear off. One bad effect is that people would get insufferably smug and arrogant about it. At MENSA gatherings the worst social faux pas is bragging about one's IQ. If they don't stop (maybe because they've pickled themselves into assinity) they are usually asked to leave. We all have humungous IQs. So what. And watch out: there are people aplenty with intellectual gifts and talents who don't belong to MENSA that will not tolerate the irritation. People with high IQs often have genetic or neurological disorders. These are the curses that come with the gift. If I saw one of those buttons I'd take a sledge hammer to it and invite everyone I knew to the party.
Yes. Several times. Intelligence, however we choose to define it, is the antidote against superstition, religion and racism.
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