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Your slightest action?

Jane Roberts who once wrote, "You are so part of the world that your slightest action contributes to its reality. Your breath changes the atmosphere. Your encounters with others alter the fabrics of their lives, and the lives of those who come in contact with them." Do you agree?

Like The Butterfly Effect!

I agree, absolutely. There is a cause and effect for everything. It's One big chain of causes and effects! A Cause and Effect Fractal.
That would be the "butterfly effect", wouldn't it?
If I assume that I am part of nature (and the universe)... and nature (and the universe) is part of me, then I might agree. It probably is difficult to test this, so I would have to accept this on faith.

Not very scientific... but then, neither is my belief in God.
as pononunced by chaos theory
(illiya progogynes -- butterfly effect) . defenitely . In the large scale structure of universe Need to know whether the effects are positive or will the results approves second law of thermo dynamics ..
even butterfly's .. flight is because of another effect ...

nature's effects,reasons and vacabulary are still a part of mystery
yes, though we'll never truly know the effects of our actions. I guess the key is to be the change you want to see in the world. although having said that, what if reverse meta-psychology works, and the best thing you can do to make the world a better place is to be a total jerk?
It seems to me as if all of our actions and thoughts generate ripples which flow from our bodies to the nearest conscious observer and through their senses they transmit it further, with less intensity and minor distortion, to the next available conscious observer. The problem seems to be that once information is filtered through one's prejudices and conditioning, the originality and specialty of our actions and thoughts are never fully appreciated or understood. So in a way, most of us are unaware that our actions and intentions color the world we see. But since we are all conscious observers, we are splashed with ripples of information coming from every direction that we care to pay attention to. And the more you pay attention, the more you see that every instant is connected and woven together into this fabric we call life.
Agree with the first statement, but the other parts make me think that the term 'significance' is missing from this.

Our breath changes the atmosphere? Maybe minutely, but significantly?
Yes and if we have an unintentional impact just by the fact of our presence think of what we can do with our intentions.
I agree in general terms, but any encounter change the fabric of their lives? A little strong, however it's the thought that counts.
I suspect this will be the big key to solving the mystery of the Grand Unified Field Equations. Yes, to me everything is connected and its slightest action eventually alters everything else. It is not so much the picture of a domino train, but more like the actions of a Quantum computer. Without this action there would not even be nothing at all, not even the concept of "beingness". there would not even have been a void for a god to create or her wonders. In fact, there would be no reason for a god to exist. In the Bagavad Gita, in the Torah, in the Qu'ran in nearly every faith the true essence of The Supreme Being is defined by her breath by which she brings all life.
Sure, my slightest action has an impact on the world. But slight, very slight. And I think that also goes for the less slight ones.
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