Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What is beauty?

Which one of these items do you think humans would rate the most beautiful? Mossy cavern, dancing flames, kaleidoscope image, or snow crystal? Why?

I don't know what others would choose, but to me they are all equally beautiful.

If I were to choose what other humans would like best, it would really just be a projection of what I like best.
i guess humans tend to have pretty similar notions of the beautiful (although I think some react with the knowledge of what others find beautiful and purposefully choose what the masses may find the least beautiful.)stuff thats symmetrical, brightly colored, unique and rare things, even the ineffable. I personally would choose the flames. because they are dancing.
In this order: snow crystal, kaleidoscope image, dancing flames, mossy cavern.

The snow crystal is symmetrical and ordered, but complicated enough to offer surprises and, in some lighting, it is reflective, shining, magical; it is also delicate and fragile. The kaleidoscope image is symmetrical and ordered but is too complicated -- it is ongepotchket, overdone. There is no delicacy, and any fragility is the slapdash fragility of the ramshackle. The candle flame is disordered and asymmetrical; its beauty is in its shining magic; it is a one trick pony, though the trick is a good one. The mossy cavern is not beautiful at all. It is dark; it is disordered and asymmetical; it is anything but delicate; it can inspire dread. There is a word for what we feel about the mossy cavern, when it impresses us -- it is awe. Awe-inspiring things are often described as "sublime," as opposed to the (merely) beautiful.
dancing flames. fire is a core primordial value. necessary and central to our survival. i think if asked the majority would choose the fire image as beautiful even though their choice would be a choice founded on unconscious core impulse rather than based on a reasoned conception and definition of beauty.
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If I have to pick among the suggested examples, I'd say fire. Outside of that, starry skies would be my favorite. I think those two harmonize with something that my being remembers from all other lives.
And yes, you're free to laugh... :)
Dancing flames. I think the settings in which you would experience dancing flames would enhance their feelings of beauty.
I agree that all are equal in their beauty. Beauty can be found in anything if we will but look. It's all about perception really.
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