Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Piano or Guitar

Would you rather be the best guitarist in the world or best piano player? Why?

Guitar. I would say a good handle on the strings would translate into a wider knowledge of other instruments, like bass guitar and banjo.
Well, as a kid I took a year of guitar lessons and gave up out of boredom. Then I switched to piano and took lessons for ten years. So, I enjoy piano a lot more.

I am sure there must be some sneaky reason behind this question that I'm not quite getting... maybe you are searching for a deeper response or maybe there is something esoteric about this question, but I felt like just giving a simple answer.
While guitars are portable and more prevalent at campfires, I'd say piano because I just love the way it sounds. As a percussionist, it's an instrument I regret not having learned as a beginning musician too.
Personally I think both instruments serve different purposes and each one fits a certain atmosphere. When I look at it acoustically, i prefer piano much more as it has a greater range and the notes are much deeper and fuller. Although if i look at it electrically, guitar has a much wider variety of sounds and a guitar solo sounds much more badass than a piano solo any day.
Both instruments are versatile with a wide range of ability to express differing emotionally charged musical content. While I would enjoy playing both I would, being a bit of an insecure showoff, prefer the guitar as it is much more portable and could be used in more settings than a piano because of that portability. Besides, who ever heard of a famous flamenco pianist.
Pianos can be tuned accurately while guitars can't. Why you see pianos in orchestras but rarely guitars. Even Dylan composes a lot of his tunes on piano. I'd be happy to play either with a degree of confident proficiency.
Guitar. It helped me get girls when I was younger. Also: it portable!
Have been playing guitar for 50 years and I'd pick piano in a heartbeat. Nothing compares to it...(though, I wouldn't mind mastering the oboe...)
Guitar, I guess. Easier to carry around your own familiar instrument than to encounter a new and different one at each concert... :)
Also, the piano sounds are of unchangeable frequencies, so to say, while guitar allows for some more freedom in that aspect.

With new piano designs ... keyboard portability is not such an obstacle ... and you can play the piano or the other 100 instruments including a guitar

I am absolutely biased ... my favored pianist is coming to town
I don't play an instrument, but these two would be my top choices if I wanted to learn - believe I'd choose the piano because we have one.
I notice everyone's preference on guitars a lot because it's portable. You can certainly buy pianos portable, and with many more uses than guitars. This, along with enjoying the rich sounds of a full size piano. Technology is making it possible for anything to come from the keys of a piano.
Piano, for sure. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with playing them. Besides, it's relaxing, and I can pick it up a lot easier.
Piano player, hands down. lol. Sure, we piano players don't make much. But there are too many guitarists for more than a few to make any money at all. I play guitar, too, but my first instrument was the piano. I have to be honest and say I would not have wanted to be Andres Segovia. I surely would have loved the honor, fame, respect and business.
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