Sunday, November 08, 2009


You can do?

Can you name one thing that you can do that none of your friends seem to be able to do?

I am able to create graphic humor while I deliver an inspiring message. But the question is really, does it matter if I do something that none of my friends might do?
Don't you think it is better to know what I do to make myself better than yesterday? When I make myself better, I am changing the Universe...
All the best.
I can catch a cold between a pair of chopsticks.

Since childhood I've been able to "divine" the time of day, more accurately than anyone I've met. It really is a guess, and I surprise myself a lot.
"Anything you can do I can do better!"

Honestly, I can't think of anything I can do that my friends can't. I have some talents, sure, but so can anyone if they put forth the time and patience that I put into them.
1) eat a diet predominantly composed of meat, (dedicated to the divine mother of course).

2) produce ID at the border of dreamtime.
I have always kept an open-minded search for my own extraordinary talent that could stand out above the rest and taken the healthy attitude of asking 'why not' when considering a course of action or opportunity. However, exploring the unknown or being adventurous is not something that can be specifically measured or considered a talent. Yet still, it sure seems to work for me more than most people I know. Oh - i can fold my tongue into a clover shape. Haven't seen any friends be able to do this and I also have the uncanny ability to leave people asking me I'm able to 'guess' the correct answers to unusual questions..[or what i was what i was talking about]
Hi Cliff - Hope you're well. There has been no Galactic Question from you in almost five months, and usually you post something once a month.
Make kids laugh with my animation.
singing. i feel as if im a good singer my music teacher told me i can sing i have talent apperently. none of my freinds can.
Correctly identify all their shortcomings? :)))
I have always been an alpha geek. In spite of never finishing second year high school I can hold my own with other professional people on subjects ranging from eschatology to quantum physics. I ran my own industrial engineering and repair service in the Chicago Metro market for 25 years and never in all that time found a piece of equipment I couldn't fix or modify for the better.
I can twirl a pencil forwards and backwards through both hands using all four fingers of each hand, though with difficulty
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