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For $70,000 would you become a complete vegetarian for the rest of your life?

No. I could really use the money, but I've already tried the veggie thing and I didn't last for long, maybe half a day or so.... Of course it makes me sad because I really like animals and I don't like that they are killed so that I can enjoy a meal, but occasionally I will say a prayer of thanks to the animals. It's by no means a fair trade. I can't bear to think how they are treated before and during their slaughter and it's something that I'm at odds with myself about. If I weren't so picky about what foods I could eat I would be able to do it. It's just so hard when time is of the essence and most quick meal answers are made with meat. Not to mention that I continue to feel hunger pangs unless I eat something with substance.
I think I could manage that. Was Vegan for nearly a year, and vegetarian for longer. For enough to close out all my current debt, it'd be worth it!
Since doing so would kill me quickly, it would depend on my age and state of helath. If 98 and crippled, then yes. If 23 and healthy, I would have to just enjoy a steak and a cheese burger and say, NO!
I don't think I could remain a vegetarian for the rest of the day
I've been vegetarian since 17, and am now 54, because I like animals, because I hate the way they are treated, because I hate what meat production does to the earth, the animals and to us.
What's a complete vegetarian exactly? Does a lacto-ovo vegetarian (a vegetarian who eats dairy and egg products) count? If so, I would happily keep being a vegetarian and take the money. By the way, no-one of moderate means living in a developed country need die of vegetarianism, since there are ample sources of protein and nutrition outside of meat available.
No, since this was a hypotetical question. If it weren't, I'd maybe rethink...
i tried one time to be vegetarian for 14 was really difficult every one around me eat every thing i adore.mmmmmm
As a vegetarian, my life would be cut shorter and I can't afford that right now. There's just no way I'd eat a balanced diet and make up for all that protein.

It would also eliminate every dish I like. Fruit and salad just don't cut it.

No way. Add fish and I'll do it.
I've seen the way my girlfriend and her family eat, (As they're mostly all vegetarians),and I believe there are enough substitutes for meat. I'd do it.
NO!!!! I love meat!
Well I already plan to do that, but making money off of plans I already made seems a little unethical to me.

So, no.
No. I need L-carnitine. $70,000 in today's Continental is chump change. I don't want to look cachectic, gray skinned, looking like the guy in "Metropia", washed out and ugly with my muscles wasting away. Humans have eye teeth, incisors and strong jaws and jaw muscles. They aren't for blue green algae or canned spinach. Our stomachs cannot digest cellulose. When we get malnourished our bodies eat muscular tissue first. Nothing has more Omega3 than oily North Atlantic ocean fish and fresh eggs. We are omnivores. Remember Al Bundy? "Peg, when I come home from work I want to sit down and have supper and I better have some form of dead animal on my plate."
hahaha ... This is the first time I enjoyed so much in blogging.. LOL I read all the reactions and its a bit funny xD..

If thats true so I'll do it.. hmmmm I'll gonna Eat fruits every day.. 3 times a day :) that will do..
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