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Swingers and soccer moms

Do you think a hotel is obligated to inform soccer parents that a group of swingers are also booked for the night to avoid a situation like the one that took place in Orlando over the holidays?

bwahahahahahaha! Best news article I've read so far today!

As far as the question at hand, no, I don't think the hotel should have any obligation not to book both at the same time. "Freedom of expression" and all that aside, my guess is that if the parents were really so very worried about their precious children's psyches then what were the _children_ doing running around the hotel, peering through windows at people dancing naked to begin with? Shouldn't they have been safely nestled into their rooms, doing schoolwork or watching cartoons or some other such wholesome activity?

Yes, I'm being somewhat sarcastic here. But as a parent myself I can say that there is not really a good reason that the "children", most of which (judging from the article) were not preschoolers by any means should be traumatized by seeing a few naked people. Yes, people get naked. It's a part of life. You're even naked under your clothes! Oh my! *Rolls eyes*

I think people could worry more about more important things aside from teenagers, or nearly teenagers, seeing some naked people.
Oh boy, that was great!

Being a former resident of Orlando this doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, I'm surprised something like this doesn't happen all the time there.

Swinger's money is green too. Hotels aren't and shouldn't be obliged to say anything about their guests to other guests. The soccer group should have exercised due diligence especially when booking into a hotel over New Years. That, and maybe ease up on the Neo-Victorianism.

The best part of the article was when Mr. Camporini was quoted as having had to [cue the "Every Sperm is Sacred" song] “delicately explain to my Catholic school children that swingers change partners during the evening.”
There's no legal obligation, I don't suppose. However, by not informing the soccer moms of the other party, the hotel has basically approves the behavior of the swingers. I think that if the hotel felt they had any personal responsibility to safeguarding kids (which would portray them as a business with values, ha!), they would have informed the parents. On a PR level, they should have told them since it's not good business to drive away customers. On a couple levels, it probably would've been beneficial to the hospital to say something.

But again, it really depends on personal values. The hotel obviously didn't feel the swingers were too inappropriate for the families, or didn't even think about it.

I personally believe that they should have informed parents. Call me conservative, but that kind of indecent exposure isn't necessary for the kids. While they may not be traumatized, it will still influence how they view the world as they grow up. Whether seeing swingers is for the good or bad...I won't even try to dive into that.
Well the obvious answere is no, because the first thing you want to know is weather or not the soccer mom is single or married. If she's single the answere is no, if she's married, who cares which again makes the answere no.
The hotel should have had better standards of dress and behavior in common areas or appropriately placed drapes. The swingers could have been more discreet too...part of freedom being "your right to swing(haha) your arm ends where another person's nose begins."
I don't think they needed to inform anyone about anything though.
This is an "anything goes" kind of world. Concerned persons can check out the hotel's itinerary more carefully if they are concerned.
Just another indication of the general self-centerdness of all persons involved.
Regqarding this quote from the article: "'We’re not prudes by any means,' said Rob Young of Greenville, S.C." ... who but a prude would ever say such a thing? If only public nudity and polygamous sexual practices were the most "disturbing" things our children should ever encounter. I'd rather explain swingers to my daughter than injustice, rape, murder or war.
Obligation to inform, maybe not. But definately wise and helpful. To inform the swingers about the soccer kids, of course; when I'm swinging I don't fancy a bunch of voyeurs.
swingers does not = child molesters or anything of the sort. I am not one but I would assume activities among such a group of people would occur in a private hall or room and if a youngster would happen upon the hall then more power to him for their experiencies..they can make their own choices in life
hell no.
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I agree with bdleaf. There was nothing that required the hotel to inform the soccer families, except maybe for common decency, politeness, respect for other people's values, etc. Not saying anything because the hotel wasn't exactly required to is like Marilyn Manson refusing to take responsibility for the content of his lyrics behind the "I'm just an entertainer" excuse.
It would have been good manners for the swingers to invite the soccer moms to join in.
No business that makes its money by providing customer service would ever imply to anyone that its customers are anything but valued guests. Period.
The paying customer is always right.
Obligated? Obviously not, given the response from the local police. But the hotel management showed very poor judgement. I agree with dreamspinner on the idea that common areas shouldn't have been considered clothing-optional areas, unless the hotel was prepared to give advance warning to other guests that this is the sort of environment they could expect to find. That's just bad business, especially in a city that's home to so many family-friendly attractions, and it's inconsiderate.

My guess is that the hotel had no idea just what sort of party they were hosting. They probably thought they'd have a pretty normal, drunken, New Years Eve bash, then the partiers would couple up however they liked, and who cares, as long as all the rooms are paid for. I'm betting they didn't anticipate the public nudity and overt sexual behavior. And why would they? Read any swingers web site and you'll find most of them claiming to be normal folks, just like anyone else, who happen to like to have sex with other partners. I'd be surprised if the person making the reservation for that party gave the hotel any reason to anticipate what transpired. And perhaps the party was never intended to go that way in the first place. I can easily imagine that no one saw it coming, wine flowed, people got crazy, and the hotel staff was unprepared to deal with the situation. It could have been an understandable oversight followed by a failure to cope, rather than a complete lack of concern for the values of the parents or the well-being of the children.

The hotel guests who flashed boobs and butts at the under-13 kids in the lobby should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of idiot would think that was okay?

But, the fact remains that when the guests complained, the hotel management did nothing to make their stay in the hotel more comfortable. And, at least from what can be learned in this article, they didn't even express any regret that some of their guests were very unhappy with their stay there. And that's the reason I don't think I'll be dropping 92 bucks a night to stay at a Crowne Plaza hotel, regardless of swingers or kids. Call me crazy, but when they bill themselves as "A Premier Address for Hospitality" I expect a little hospitality.

I'd really like to find a response from the hotel, but no luck. A little surfing turned up a statement from the franchise owner, though...

InterContinental Hotels Group, which owns the Crowne Plaza corporate brand, said in a statement to the Orlando Sentinel that it "does not endorse or approve such reported activities in public areas of Crowne Plaza hotels. (InterContinental) has been in contact with the hotel owner and management and is actively reviewing the situation."

So apparantly they ARE obligated by their franchise agreement to keep the common areas family friendly. Well, that's reasuring. Lemme just erase this mental note to avoid Crowne Plaza.
The person in the article mentioned "this was not the Las Vegas strip." I've been to Vegas so many times I can't count them & have never seen this & know Vegas is conscious & protective of children.
Evidently Orlando is not & doesen't care.
As far as being obligated, it depends on if they knew this was going to happen. I would have felt morally obligated & would have offered to refund thier money & obtain a reservation at another hotel.
Regardless of how I feel about looking at naked women, I totally understand how many other people would feel in a situation like this.
AS far as the person that said the kids should have been in the room- thats absurd. When we stayed in hotels the kids out swimming, looking in the shops, & eating.
People should learn that one of the greatest words to follow in the English language is "reasonable". Just be reasonable & almost anything can work out for the best.
I'm surprised by many of the answers given for this question.

I've lived in several states & cities large & small & never lived in one that condoned adults exposing themselves to young children- under any conditions.

For the hotel & police to virtually condone it is somewhat shocking.

I thought I lived in a country that drew a line where the best for children was of utmost importance.

Wrong again.
As a native Floridian from a tourist town, Daytona, I have seen the fruits of the chamber of commerce first hand for years. Whenever a town advertises itself as a fun filled destination it is going to draw all kinds of people from every walk of life and every social strata. As I grew up I watched and participated in, many Spring Break parties, race weeks, bike weeks, and summer and winter vacation events. I was always amazed that the cream of the collegiate crop could always be counted on to kill several of themselves trying to jump into swimming pools from 5 stories ar crawl from balcony to balcony with a beer in their hand. As the hotels have evolved into condos ch anymore. The race crowds fill us up and the bikers have relocated here it seems sometime. Orlando has grown and now is the attraction. A couple of years ago when my catholic son was swimming for Father Lopez we stayed in an Orlando hotel during a state level meet. There were kids all over having shaving parties which probably looked very odd to some of the other guests, and at the same time there was a gay convention in the hotel. I was probably more uncomfortable than the kids when I got in the elevator and at the next floor three guys in short leather pants wearing lipstick got on. The kids all though had a real hoot over it. They thought the gays were hilarious with their cute little outfits and teased us more moderate parents mercilessly. Don't worry about what the kids see in real life, worry more about what the TV and Music media are conditioning them to think and how to behave.
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