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Purpose of consciousness?

What role do you feel consciousness plays in the cosmos?

Consciousnes is cosmos, as we are, as everything is.
Realistically, & in the BIG scheme of things, consciousness plays an infinitesimally small role in the cosmos.
Consciousness gives rise to purpose. Purpose does not give rise to consciousness.
It's an interesting question. As we are extremely uneducated relative to all the potential information in the universe, we can only work out the purpose of something from it's effects on the environment or ourselves. We cannot see consciousnesses effects on the universe, and looking for consciousness' effects on ourselves causes a complex logical loop. Some people might say that consciousness mus be necessary on a spiritual level, but I think that it is a natural coping ability, just as we sift information about the environment, so we sift through information about our selves and our place in the world.
to irritate flesh
The bicameral rig, integral trickster embedded in perceptual apparatus of the meat to which "you are" pinned, legalistically binds your moist human particle to that rugged shard of carbon at the frozen center of this dimension's physicality..participation in jumanity, suspending disbelief for one iota contractually retains the complete aggregated dimensionality of you as such. This binder of your perceptual apparatus to common consciousness is not limited to "your" crystallized bodily mass, its intentions and deeds: all possibilities and probabilities, realized and unrealized, are encompassed inextricably within the manifest paradigm of "you." While the possessor of any such perceptual apparatus may measure and appreciate consciousness similarly present in other "beings," this other consciousness is hypothetical and a feature of the initial founding consciousness ultimately limited to "you/other" and "I." All such interlock within the complete stream of all events, astral, geological and social...the total picture of all universal possibilities and realities seen from an infinite expanse snaps out of perceptibility by subsuming the infinite in the finite...I keep wishin to explain but the perceptual page keeps refreshing itself spasmodically and a little pop up has appeared advertising that nano-cide is the only escape---M.Applewhite and his crue sent their energies in the wrong direction diffusing them hopelessly...the spaceship arrives within and the purpose of consciousness is to recede and recrystallize aboard the innate spirit spark and dive into the haystack fuel cell of the galactic teleporter
A listener can perceive and enjoy music, but a certain gulf may exist between listener and composer- Being is cosmic appreciation curricula- there isn't any quantum one [hasn't]
Consciousness is the interface between the physical universe and that little organic computer we carry around on our shoulders.
None. The universe would still exist regardless of us.
The question is wrong -- consciousness is not in the Universe, the Universe is in consciousness...
I suspect physical existence IS conciousness on some level. Even rocks and staplers.

Sentience, as it pertains to self perception as an individual is a very different thing. The purpose of this type of conciousness would be to allow the universe to open its eyes and view itself as a collection of different objects. Like rocks, staplers, and other people.
Reflexion: In consciousness reality is given its colour. Take away all forms of mind and you take away the universes distinctivness. Every form of consciousness manifests a different universe in its inner mental space. Reality is brought into focus in these metaphorical inner realms.
I suppose that would depend on what you mean by "consciousness" and whether you actually think it has a purpose.
I totally agree with "bigbodylittlebrain".I bet the Universe has been existing long before consciousness
I'm not sure it has a "purpose" in the philosophical sense. It seems to be an epiphenomenon of the brain's evolution.
The outward spread of being is epitomized in rules of physics, Big Bang to now.The inward drawing down of universe, from now until Big Snuff, is "consciousness", arising in all domains, femto to macro. Big Snuff itself, for lack of a better word, could be misnomered the "purpose" of all, but exists as the simple unpremeditated end state of reshuffling universal energies into a final "best fit". Pondering that best fit is a wonderful synchronizing tool, blending all splinter domains, by means of whatever consciousness they've attained, with their own "destiny"-the final state. Being a Best Fit, is it not worthy of admiration? Worship, even? Worship, if you do, yourself in it, for that's your part. Big Snuff is not an end. It is the neck of an eternal hourglass, our next God's Big Bang, the meaning-heart of toroidal Tao. Since Time is innately bipolar, we(some)live there now. Go figure!

What good posts by Mariana, Dilletante, & Tater Tot. Maybe this website is as silly as I thought.

meant to say "not as silly"

foot in mouth

serves me right, I suppose.
"Consciousness" is a factor of sensory input relative to memory of past sensory inputs. What we observe and conclude can only be quantified in our own terms, not in universal terms.

A case can be made that every time anything "reacts" it is exhibiting consciousness.
Consciousness is the snake digesting its tail.
Consciousness allows for choice.
Choice allows for freedom.
Freedom allows for love.
And without love . . .
there is no cosmos.
Not even a big bang.
Creation. Judgement.
one word AGRAVATION!!!!!!!
I think that both consciousness and cosmos are concepts that I can't even begin to understand. While it's entertaining to speculate of the nature of both, the best I can hope for is to come up with some interesting "what ifs". I doubt I'll ever have any real opinion on the relationship of the two, at least not while I'm living this life.
Consciousnes is the motive force which bring the cosmos alive much like how the violinist is an instrumentalist who plays the violin bring the violin alive. Without Consciousnes the cosmos only exists are quantum waves of possibities.
The universe IS consciousness, the one & only force or existence. There is no such thing as matter as we normally think of it. Ancient knowledge has been telling us that for milleniums & phisics has been telling us that for five decades.
All of existence is pure consciousness. If you think that is a fairy tale, try to swallow the athiestic theme of the "Big Bang" that the universe was formed out of "nothing".I'm not even religious, & I can do better than that. Just be spiritual, it will come to you.
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mariana has it exactly right- consciousness exists so that we & everything else CAN exist.
To be aware that we are making mistake's so we don't keep making them over and over.
i suspect we(consciousness)are the answer to how the universe experiences itself! simple as.
consciousness activates matter/energy
consciousness allows for god's unfolding evolution of self. Without sense of a self god would be unable to enjoy the adventure of his own discovery. Once he finds himself he can enjoy the collapse and create a new sand castle to stomp on
I dont believe there is one purpose of consciousness.But that our consciousness is the universes consciousness. People act and talk like the universe is not around us at all times. Like its out there in outer space. But I believe that we are the universe and our conscious is the universes consciousness ie we are the universe which means we are every thing in the universe every atom, every particle we are all the same and since we are all the same collectivly our consciousness is the universes consciousness (COLLECTIVLY)
I feel as if consciousness is our closest connection to the cosmos. It seems that as we progress to higher states of consciousness we also gain a higher sense of understanding for what is and what could be. If one thinks about the cosmos as a void of infinite possibility, it is easy to compare this sublime characteristic to that of consciousness. What we see around us in daily life is trivial; the fact is our minds can conjure up an infinite level of situations or possibilities with ease.
Consciousness is the Universes way of figuiring it's self out!
I believe consciousnesis the latest evolutionary stepping stone on the path towards purpose, if there is one. The meaning of life does not neccessarily have to be brought into this, but if there is a reason for being in the first place, there have been many steps towards finding one, with time, matter, life, and now consciousness.
The purpose is to enable design and creation.
The purpose of consciousness is to know what consciousness is.
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